Problems with processor and graphics card

  Lazzer 14:47 13 Apr 2004

im currently running an amd xp barton 2.5 gig processor and have an ati radeon 9600 128mb graphics card.

i have never had any problems until earlier when i started to look at my system settings, it has occured to me that the fsb should be higher than 100 and it also reads as 1.1 gig which isnt true, i set the fsb to 122 to try and solve the problem but its only reading as 132 now, this is annoying because im under running a 2.5 gig processor, also now my gfx card is playing up the vfu monitor keeps resetting my gfx settings and has gone into software rendering mode instead of hardware renering and is now running amazingly slow, can anybody help me im really cheesed off now lol, thanks!

  Sion 14:57 13 Apr 2004

I assume your reading the system settings off the bios menu. if you are, then your FSB should be set to 166. Then you will be running at the full speed. The 2500xp runs at a clock speed of 1866mhz, not at 2500mhz.

  Sion 17:48 13 Apr 2004

I did recieve your email. You should ideally change FSB settings in the bios. To access, just press delete when your system posts, thats when the info. on your CPU and Memory appears when u switch on. A Barton 2500xp should have the FSB set at 166, and multiplier of 11. This gives CPU speed of 1866mhz which is the speed a 2500xp runs at. hope this helps.

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