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  jessej 16:14 12 Dec 2003

Hi there, I strongly suspect that the cure is going to cost me, prove me wrong please.
If I switch off the power to the computer altogether, i.e. at the wall socket, the clock stops at the time I switch off. I imagine that is an easy one and that I need a new battery, but onwards. Some programmes, not all, are painfully slow in loading, up to 2 minutes, and System Restore, I have XP Home, has stopped creating restore points. Techie details: RAM is 512MB;
Motherboard (which I have been told elsewhere is crap) PC Chips M758LMR; Processor: Via Cyrix 533MHz; HDD: Maxtor 40GB 5400RPM.
All ideas/suggestions gratefully received though I must point out that I am a silver surfer existing on a pension.

  LeadingMNMs 16:23 12 Dec 2003

Replace the battery on the motherboard for the system clock.

Try running disk cleanup and defragment the drive to increase performance. If the system is old then it may have difficulty running some higher spec software, but you'll just have to make do or upgrade the system.

  Trackrat 16:30 12 Dec 2003

system restore, right click my computer, left click properties, left click system restore and set slider to maximum, if it is allready set to max it is possible that their is no more room to set a restore point although it is supposed to delete automatically points after a certain time.
The other option is to tick the box ( turn of system restore this will clear it completely but you will have no restore pointr to restore to.
Cannot help you on the slow loading of programmes but this answer will put you back to the top of the list.

  hugh-265156 17:04 12 Dec 2003

disable,re enable system restore and do the disk cleanup and defragment as suggested above.

Via Cyrix 533MHz will be a bit slow with xp though i think.

  johnnyrocker 17:09 12 Dec 2003

have a look in task manager ctrl/alt/del and see what processes are running at the time of slowness, also run msconfig and check what start up items there are that you dont need.


  farnz 19:26 12 Dec 2003

You could also look at regcleaner from, this will clean up your registry of unwanted rubbish, it also has a really easy interface to see your startup programs, which you can remove easily, and restore from the programs backup if you wish.
You can then also look at click here to check out all your running processes to see which are not needed.

  bruno 20:08 12 Dec 2003

Although you have been told your motherboard is crap, and I have often seen it said in this forum,I have had the same one for 18 months and it has nver missed a beat and does everything I ask no trouble.I have the same memory as you although I do have a 1Gb processor.I use xp pro.My son-in-law has a slower processor than you and xp pro works ok for him.Try out some of the suggestions in the earlier posts before you start spending money.I am a pensioner,too,so I know the feeling.

  bretsky 23:17 12 Dec 2003

Well Jessej, the clock? seems to have been answered as for the speed of your pc it sounds as if it could do with a damn good clear out of old temp files and internet files etc etc.

Then when you have done that give it a good defragging session not just once but at least 3 or 4 times and you'll be amazed how fast your pc will respond.

Also if you use any antivirus software which works in the background this can slow up your pc a bit.

I use win xp home ed sp1 1GB ram 1.8GHz p4 cpu 2xhdd {60+120}.

I also use this click here to clean & sort out my registry which if neglected can cause you problems this gets rid of odd and orphaned files left over from old deleted programs.....

Anyway good luck.....bretsky;0)

  jessej 09:42 13 Dec 2003

Many thanks to all. I have already tried most of what has been suggested without getting any noticable improvement but it won't hurt to go through them all again, if only to make sure I haven't missed anything.
Thanks again.

  jessej 09:04 22 Dec 2003

I regret to say that none of the suggestions have worked, all followed to the letter of course. System Restore will still not create restore points automatically, and even worse, a new battery has not cured the problem with the clock. I must admit to having some misgivings about the battery, afterall it is only 2 1/2 years old and they usually last much longer than that, though, of course, that does not mean that it couldn't give up the ghost prematurely. But also, I believe that warnings come up on the screen when the battery is on its last legs, this didn't happen. I sincerely hope nobody here agrees with what I was told in another forum, that the motherboard is up the spout. One of the reasons given was that it is a PC Chips M758LMR with a Via Cyrix III (534MHz) processor, and it is crap. Happy Christmas to all.

  powerless 09:08 22 Dec 2003

How long has the current installation of XP been on the hard drive?

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