Problems printing to HP laserjet from XP pro

  johnem 11:48 20 Jan 2003
  johnem 11:48 20 Jan 2003

Hello gang, back for a little more help. As you may recall, we have a small network of puters here, some running W98Se and some running W95. The HP laserjet is connected to one of the W95 machines and works fine for all of the existing puters. We have a visiting colleague with a very flash laptop running XP Pro. Have connected this to the network and installed printer information and driver. Tried a test print, nothing. Tried rebooting and deleting printer etc. Still no print output. Short of ideas now, any of your thoughts would be helpful. I realise that I am trying to make XP talk to W95 etc, but ho hum!!

  jazzypop 11:52 20 Jan 2003

XP's preferred network protocol is TCP/IP - is this running on your network?

If you are using a different network protocol (such as Netbui), your visitor will have to install that on his laptop.

  johnem 11:57 20 Jan 2003

Jazzypop, thought that might be the problem. Yes Netbui is installed on all of the other machines. Have tried to install that in Network protocol, but XP does not appear to give Netbui as an option, only Microsoft Developer 6 or something. Have installed this, but still no luck. Perhaps I have missed something.

  Patr100 12:06 20 Jan 2003

Check if the printer actually works when directly connected to the laptop via USB? If not uninstall and delete the printer and then let the new hardware wizard auto install (with the printer install disk in place) rather than manually install.

  AndySD 12:11 20 Jan 2003
  jazzypop 12:11 20 Jan 2003

Bad example by me! Netbeui is not officially supported by XP, although MS do give a workaround at click here - this method requires access to the XP CD.

You can double-check the networking protocols in use quite easily - click here for a reminder.

You could try adding ipx/spx to the PC which as the printer and the to the xp laptop - they both support this. Better if you can install tcp/ip, though :)

  johnem 12:41 20 Jan 2003

Thanks to one and all, will go and try some of these suggestions.

  hgrock 20:21 20 Jan 2003

I have DSL it is fairly quick most of the time but lately i have noticed when i am here it takes ages to open any links, it just took over a minute to open a link, clicking on some topic takes an age also, is it me or is every one having the same problem. (my spec. 512 440ddr ran, athlon 2000, abit kt7 max2 mb)

  johnem 20:41 20 Jan 2003

Hello hgrock, thanks for the info, although not totally in line with my original discussion thread. Slow speed can often be caused by heavy traffic on the net

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