problems with printer and scanner on new pc

  Rebanut 08:35 20 Aug 2003

I have Just got a new Evesham PC and have connected my Epson C62 and a new Canon lide 50 scanner to it, all seemed ok till I scanned a picture and tried to get it printed out, the Canon pops up with a little box which says "you must connect a printer first, the PC knows the printer is there because it printed out a test page so any help would be appreciated.

  Jester2K II 08:39 20 Aug 2003

What software are you printing from?

  -pops- 08:41 20 Aug 2003

The magic word in your post is "new". If your new computer is not functioning as it is supposed to do, it is best in the first instance to go back to the supplier. The responsibility of a new machine working properly is down to the supplier. It may well be that the answer is very simple but it may prejudice your rights if you begin making adjustments/alterations without their consent.

  Jester2K II 08:44 20 Aug 2003

-pops- - I would say thats being a bit premature. Nothing will invalidate any warranties or rights by checking settings. After all this is a case where a piece of software cannot see a printer that has been shown to work perfectly.

It might be something as simple as checking the printer setup.

  Rebanut 08:57 20 Aug 2003

the software is Arcsoft photo studio 5 that came with the scanner.

  Jester2K II 09:03 20 Aug 2003

I don't know this software unfortunately.

However on the file menu is there any thing along the lines of Printer Setup?

Might be better starting a new thread titled -"Printing in Arcsoft Photo Studio 5" that way someone who know the software will see it and look in.

By the way - can you print any pictures? What if you try one downloaded from the net instead of a scanned one?

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