Problems with playing videos

  coxonsglasses 22:29 03 Aug 2008

Hi everyone, thanks in advance for any help anyone can give with this problem, I'm about ready to tear my hair out...
My PC is running into problems when playing videos; about 5 minutes into them when streaming from the internet and exactly 9 minutes 30 seconds when playing video in Media Player.
From the internet (e.g. YouTube), the actual video will freeze while the sound carries on - if the window is clicked off, it causes an error and will not load anything back again (white window with just the blue bar at the top), so the window has to be be closed; very frustrating, means I can't watch videos over 5 mins!
In Media Player, the entire program simply freezes at 9:30 (no video or audio) and the same issue occurs; if it's clicked off, the window loses all information except the taskbar.
This has been happening since October (before then, all videos played fine) and it's driving me mad. I can't find any information about this online - if anyone can help me on here, I'll be very grateful! Cheers again for any help.

  RFB 22:31 03 Aug 2008

Sounds like a screen saver or some other similar progam kicking in.

RFB 8-)

  eedcam 22:50 03 Aug 2008

May well be screensaver as said but try VLC player its free click here
If the same probs occur it clears media player as the prob

  coxonsglasses 17:34 04 Aug 2008

I'll give VLC a whirl; I've used it before with no problems. I don't think it's a screensaver issue as it happens even when I'm moving the mouse around :( any ideas as to getting video to stream properly, anyone? Thanks again in advance.

  RFB 12:53 06 Aug 2008

Perhaps something might be obvious in windows event viewer... just a though.

click here

Good luck

  coxonsglasses 21:59 07 Aug 2008

Cheers for that, RFB - never even knew about that part of Windows!

Event Viewer says that the video causes Internet Explorer to hang, with a category of (101) and the following information:
0000: 6c707041 74616369 206e6f69 676e6148
0010: 45492020 4f4c5058 452e4552 36204558
0020: 322e302e 2e303039 30383132 206e6920
0030: 676e7568 20707061 2e302e30 20302e30
0040: 6f207461 65736666 30302074 30303030
0050: 3030

Is this of any use to anyone?

  RFB 20:04 08 Aug 2008

Hi coxonsglasses,

Try updating your video card drivers.

Good luck

  coxonsglasses 22:02 08 Aug 2008

Drivers updated from the computer manufacturer's website - however, this still doesn't seem to be solving the problem. Is there any way to tell if the drivers have updated successfully? Any other ideas? I really thought that one might work :(

  RFB 09:16 09 Aug 2008

Hi coxonsglasses,

Definitely sounds like media player is to blame or a missing codec.
You could try installing it again click here

I use Kantaris media player because my Win media player wont even launch!

click here

  coxonsglasses 21:38 11 Aug 2008

Still happening, I'm afraid :(
I've re-installed Media Player, downloaded a few codecs for that, installed the latest Java and DivX Media Player - all to no avail. Any other ideas?
Thanks again for all your help.

  RFB 22:36 11 Aug 2008

What version of media player are you using coxonsglasses?

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