Problems opening Word document

  BMott 21:02 29 Jan 2006

I am trying to resolve a problem with a Word 2000 document I've been given (it's my step-daughter's college project and is very important!). It's a large document (38 Meg!!!) that contains a lot of pictures. It was created in Word 2000 and that's what I'm trying to open it in, but when I do so I get an error message telling me that the path or file name is invalid. The dialog box suggests renaming the file and checking the permissions, which I've done, but to no avail. Any suggestions?
Many thanks...

  VoG II 21:09 29 Jan 2006

How are you trying to open it - from File|Open in Word or by double-clicking it in Windows Explorer?

  2jaycee 21:17 29 Jan 2006

That is an extremely large document

What method do you use to open it?

Your daughter could try saving a copy (using Save As) as an RTF document and then try to open it. Has worked for me before but I have never opened such a large file in Word

  BMott 21:26 29 Jan 2006

Hi VoG, 2jaycee,

VoG, I've tried both methods you describe, with the same result each time.

2jaycee, thanks or that. I'll ask her to give it a go.

I can't understand why I can't open it myself though...

  Simsy 10:34 30 Jan 2006

"It's a large document (38 Meg!!!) that contains a lot of pictures"

A couple of things spring to mind...

Perhaps the images are the reason the file is so big? Possibly it's taking a long time for the images to be read. It might be better, if it's an option, for the images to be re-saved, in a more compressed format.


You also say,

"I get an error message telling me that the path or file name is invalid".

This might mean that the pictures aren't actually inserted in the document, but rather links to them are instead. This is unlikely to work if you're not trying to open it on the same machine as it was created on. (I assume you have the file on a CD/flashdrive or email?) If this was done however, the file size would probably be much smaller than 38Meg, so I'm not sure this is where the problem lies. Maybe some images are inserted, and some are links.

How many pages is the document... 2 or 200?



  BMott 14:58 30 Jan 2006


Thanks for your advice. I am not opening the file on the same computer it was created on, but I agree with you that if the pictures weren't actually in the document then it wouldn't be the size it is. Also, with respect to the document author, I'm not sure she'd know how to link to a picture rather than actually including it in the document!!! I think I need to have a chat with the young lady concerned to determine exactly how she created it.

I've managed to find a couple of Microsoft Knowledge Base articles on the error message I'm getting so I'll have a look at them and see if I can sort it out. Whatever happens I'll put the resolution to the problem on this forum.

Thanks to everyone for their help.

  BMott 09:30 31 Jan 2006

Knowledge Base articles didn't help! Aarrgghhhh...

  billyliv 10:27 31 Jan 2006

Hi, Only a guess, If it was created on a College computer the administrator may have set restricted access on other computers. Cheers Bill

  BMott 11:32 31 Jan 2006

Thanks Billy - I'll check...

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