Problems Opening New Windows in Browsers

  thegreypanther 20:15 20 Sep 2012

I look after a website for the Priory Church of Bolton Abbey, where news items may link to a slideshow of photos. For example;-

On the "News Page" there is a link to the slideshow, which opens in a new page. The HTML coding for this to happen uses "_blank".

The slideshow opens perfectly OK in Firefox. But selecting the link in either Chrome or IE Explorer results in either a blank window, or a window which contains text but no slideshow.

The slideshow works perfectly OK on its own in these browsers;-

I am presuming that the inability to open up a new window containing the slideshow has something to do with blocking pop-ups. Any ideas how to get round this?

Or do I have to stop using "_blank" in the HTML coding? Or if I do use "_blank", at least let users know how to successfully open the link.

  rdave13 20:49 20 Sep 2012

In Internet Explorer page, click here I go to the photo of the retiring couple and click on it. I get the slide-show from that link. click here.

  thegreypanther 20:53 20 Sep 2012

SOME people get the slideshow successfully in IE Explorer. Others don't. Therein lies the problem.

  rdave13 21:14 20 Sep 2012

There is no obvious Link to the slide-show in IE in the News page. I had to figure out that to click on the Photo was the link to the slide-show. The people who have problems might not try what I did and click on the Photo.

If they did do that then they need to clear their cache. Not the fault of your site as it works perfectly well once you know where to click.

Suggest this program, Ccleaner and ask them to run in default mode. Tell them to save all passwords first. They might find the PC runs faster after a good clean as a bonus.

In default mode it also clears History of the browsers they use but does not clear favourites or bookmarks.

  lotvic 21:49 20 Sep 2012

Works okay, slideshows open in new tab for me both in Firefox and in Internet Explorer. (IE popup blocker is set to Medium)

  rdave13 21:55 20 Sep 2012

lotvic , where did you click to open the slide-show?

  lotvic 11:19 21 Sep 2012

rdave, I clicked on the picture, as per:

*"..and they may be seen by selecting the image below. The photos are presented in the form of a slide show which opens in a new window"*

It seems to use Java Script, FlashPlayer, I wonder if that could have anything to do with some having problems, or maybe if they are using IE9 they would need Compatibility mode. I am using IE8.

I'm a numpty when it comes to this sort of thing, can only tell you what happens on my pc and hazard a guess.

  rdave13 13:26 21 Sep 2012

Thanks for that Lotvic, serves me right for skimming over the item. It's working for me in XP IE8 and 7 IE9. The slide show uses Flash but the picture/link is just that. Created by Serif Plus x5. Could be some haven't updated their flash, though, that has become automatic now.

  wiz-king 14:21 21 Sep 2012

I dont get the text with IE9 (win7), Firefox or Chrome, get the photos OK

  thegreypanther 14:39 21 Sep 2012

The problem CAN'T be with Flash.

The slideshow works absolutely fine on its own in whichever browser I use, - Firefox, Chrome or IE9.

The problem lies with trying to LINK to this slideshow from the main page.

If I take out the "_blank" bit of coding from the HTML, so that the slideshow opens in the SAME page then everything works fine.

It is use of the coding to get the slideshow to open in a NEW page that causes the problems.

Opening a text page in a new window from a text link works fine, - it is trying to open a "graphics" page in a new window that causes the problem.

Hence, something to do with Pop-Up blocking???????

  chub_tor 16:07 21 Sep 2012

I've just tried it on my system running Win 764 bit in IE9 running both 32 and 64 versions and it works fine. I can link to the slide shows from the main page with no problems at all - I just wish that I had been there for the Parish Party and the Olympic Flame so I could have sampled some of those cakes on the table!

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