Problems opening forum - ? my PC or not

  AroundAgain 23:17 22 Nov 2015

This evening I've been experiencing considerable difficulty opening the web site. I do have some issues with my PC such as very slow opening some websites, although not all, and tends to be certain ones.

This evening I've been getting just a blank white page and now signs that the page is still loading. This has been happening on this site but not others this evening so it would be good to know if it's my PC or the site

Running Windows 7, Firefox v42


  Govan1x 23:40 22 Nov 2015

If you had just scrolled down a bit.

Click Here

  AroundAgain 23:42 22 Nov 2015

Ah, interesting It seems we'll just have to wait until the morning to hear what's been going on here, eh? Thanks anyway. Potentially, sounds like it's not my PC :) That's a relief!!! So many strange things are happening on my PC recently but have scanned with a few programs and it's clean! So, not that! Cheers

  AroundAgain 23:47 22 Nov 2015

Govan1x, I think you posted while I was typing my post ;) However, thanks for bringin this to my attention.

I did look to see if anything had already been posted but didn't see one. I have to admit, I didn't go into the particular forums as I was expecting something to show in the initial list at the top.

So, I'm happy for this thread to 'close' and just continue on the other one, accessible via your link.


  Govan1x 00:22 23 Nov 2015


It has been like that all day but as long as you refresh the page a few times it usually opens. They will obviously know about it and will probably be fixed tomorrow.

I must admit I thought that I was the only one having that problem as no one had posted. You try all the obvious things before posting. Then you are a bit relieved when others say they have the same problem, So you can stop looking for faults.

  AroundAgain 09:13 23 Nov 2015

Thanks, Govan1x Yes, you're right, of course. We try all we know in case there's a problem our own end and then, maybe, post ... only to find others in similar positions. Cheers J

  iscanut 09:35 23 Nov 2015

I too have been getting the same problem both on Windows PCs and my I pad.

  compumac 09:58 23 Nov 2015

I thought it was me.

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