Problems opening attachments directly from email

  tallboy 12:04 28 Dec 2010

I use Windows Live Mail as my mail client. (Windows 7, 64-bit OS). When I receive emails with attachments, if I try to open them from within the email, I am unable to do so the first time I click on the attachment. The second time I click on the attachment, I am still unable to open the attachment, but additionally I get a 'hoot' from the PC speaker. I am then unable to close the message window (or do anything with the message) until I hit the Escape key.

If I detach the messages, they are all fine - I can read them, re-name them etc.

Admittedly, I do have a lot of messages and many folders into which I put them. Is there a limit of either overall size or number of messages within Windows Live Mail that I have reached? If I move some of the folders to the 'Storage' area of Windows Live Mail, will the problem go away?

Any suggestions as to how I might restore 'normal' service and be able to open attachments from within the email itself would be most welcome.



  tallboy 20:08 28 Dec 2010

Following some 'advice' from a paid techie, I ran and selected PDF to remove the file type association for .PDF I then ran the Repair option for the Adobe Reader. This was supposed to fix my problem. However, now when I click on a PDF attachment in an email (new or existing) that whole email message freezes on the screen! Needless to say, I can neither open the attachment or save it. The situation has now gone from annoying to desperate, so help to get out of this 'hole' woul;d certainly be appreciated!

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