Problems on one user name only!!

  angelwings 08:52 15 Jun 2007

My pc has two user names at log in, one for me and one for the kids. When I logged on my name the other day my wallpaper was missing, start menu shortcuts missing, recent documents empty,taskbar icons missing and the whole desktop looks "off". I went in to desktop properties to choose wallpaper, select my isp shorcuts etc I tick the boxes click apply and it takes the ticks off. I went on this site to try and get some help but I can't type in my username as it won't let me type @ it types ". Also I tried to download some programmes to check regisrty etc and it opens the download window but everything is grey and it says there is no connection, even though I am already on line. If I go on my kids username everything is working fine, no problems at all.
Anyone got any ideas!!

  VoG II 08:57 15 Jun 2007

For the @ click here

  angelwings 09:14 15 Jun 2007

Thanks VoG have done this but when I click apply it reverts back to US. Everything I try to change just reverts back once I press apply.

  Jackcoms 09:19 15 Jun 2007

System Restore back to a time when your desktop wasn't "off"

  angelwings 09:47 15 Jun 2007

Thanks Jackcoms, have done that, no change.

  brundle 10:17 15 Jun 2007

Update your anti-virus and do a full scan, get yourself some anti-spyware software and do a full scan with that too. click here
Get a couple just to be on the safe side, recommend AVG and SpyBot.

Once they're done, and assuming that hasn't sorted the account problem go to control panel/user accounts, create a new Administrator account, log off, log into the new account. If everything looks normal, you will need to transfer some information from your old account into this new one and delete it (the old one). If you use Outlook Express for email you may need to export from the old account and import the messages to the new account before you get rid of the `broken` one.

  angelwings 11:05 15 Jun 2007

Thanks brundle. I have used both AVG, spybot and anything else I could find and they all came up with zilch! I was hoping I wouldn't have to create a new account and that there would be a simple solution that I hadn't thought of.
Thank you all for your help.

  Andy1991 11:09 15 Jun 2007

A virus can't really do much on a limited account, which is why you kids account are not effected but yours is. Do a virus and malware scan with at least 3 programs in total. If this does not detect anything then by al means recreate your account as brundle suggested. If this does not work and virus scans come blank (or make no difference) then go to type "MSConfig" in the Run box, and OK, then select "Start up" tab, untick all that you do not know. then apply and restart. A message may come up next time you start up but just select OK to that and then OK to the Returing MSCONFIG and i think i will not bother you again.

  Andy1991 11:12 15 Jun 2007

A rootkit opens a back door by putting rogue entries in the registry. Scan for these that may change settings using a rootkit detector, one good one is Sophos Anti-Rootkit

  angelwings 13:33 15 Jun 2007

Thanks Andy1991, I have done all the things you have mentioned above and I am still having no luck. The run box does not work, if I type something in and press ok it flashes and doesn't do anything. I have used a software programme I have to check my start up and there is nothing on there now I don't recognise and it is still the same. My kids account has administrative privlages (sorry about the spelling) I just keep it seperate because I have work spreadsheets on mine that I don't want them to have access to. We also share all programmes and most files. I have also used a rootkit detector and this has come up with nothing either. Something else I noticed, when I open my browser it lists whether or not I have virus software, broadband assistant etc etc and it is now in red saying I have no virus protection, no firewall and that I have never run my broadband assistant (which I do weekly). But all these programmes are still there working in the background as they appear on my task manager under processes. I think I will do as brundle suggests and create a new account. Thanks again!

  Andy1991 13:44 15 Jun 2007

your account is messed up, there is certain curruption of your user profile. yes, recreate your account, but back up somewhere else first, and then acquire the backed up files from where u saved them. good luck. :-) Tell us how u get on.

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