Problems with Office 2007 cover disk

  Blackrat2 20:38 26 Jun 2006

Is anyone else having problems getting the link to register working. This is not the first time that I've had problems with cover disk link. No matter which one I click on nothing happens and I've tried it on several computers.

  vinnyT 11:16 27 Jun 2006

Just tried it, clicked several times and seemed to be no response. However, when I alt-tabbed to my browser again, there were 7 tabs loading the webpages from the cd.

Have you tried the link with your browser open in the background?

Hope this helps.

  Blackrat2 17:11 27 Jun 2006

No I haven't, will give it a go though. I use firefox, not sure if this is an issue.

  wysiwyg8 20:06 27 Jun 2006

I use firefox too and have had problems with links not loading, but try this and see if it helps. Right click on the link and choose 'open in new tab' it works for me

  Fingees 20:12 27 Jun 2006

I am also having problem.
Using firefox, tried IE, but still no joy.

Can get the program to start instal, but of course,can't get on line to register via link.

  Fingees 17:32 28 Jun 2006


  Eric10 19:01 28 Jun 2006

Check out the CD Editor's reply in this previous thread. click here

  Blackrat2 20:37 10 Jul 2006

OK. I've tried setting IE to default, I've had it open, closed parked in a corner, with Firefox, which open, on its own with explorer, both parked in a corner, at the bottom at the top you put it somewhere I've tried it and


As for the suggestion of right clicking and selecting open in new window..!!! This is a Flash menu system it does not allow right click open in new window or even left click, double click, loads of damn clicks,


Have you ever seen the the old MAC video..!!! The one with the man screaming about MAC's and throwing one around..!!! Well thats how I feel.

I've not purchased PC Advisor for a couple of years now, I bought it because I like it better than any of the other mags that had the Office 2007 offer.

I shall now waste another £6 buying a mag that hopefully will have a cover disk that works, then go back to buying my regular mag that I know has a cover disk that works.

Yes I know the mag is not all about the cover disk, but when you get something for free you would at least expect it to work..!!!

  iscanut 21:13 10 Jul 2006

I have managed to register and obtained an activation key BUT in spite of being advertised as min requirement ( amongst others ) of SP1, my installation will not work. I get a pop up box saying I must have SP2. I only have SP1 installed.

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