Problems with NTL Broadband Connections

  Christofo 13:23 18 Dec 2005

Dear all,

Cam i tell you a story of woe, anger and pain.

I am currently trying to get a wireless connection to work between my laptop (Toshiba Satellite 1900 running XP SP2) and the world wide web (gratefully provided by NTL).

Now i have gone and bought Linksys WAG354G router (i think that us the name of it) and i am using a D - Link AirPlus DWLG650 adaptor for the laptop (left over from a previous connection).

The connection to the internet works fine when the NTL modem is connected either directly to the laptop or is put through the Linksys router by wire.

The problem starts when i try to get a wireless connection. I am able to call up the router admin page, but every time i try to connect to the internet i get the page is unable to be displayed message.

When i look at the status of the router it doesn't seem to have an IP address or anything else like that.

I have being trying various setting changes but none of them work. This includes removing all the drivers and software and resetting the router. Patience is starting to wear thin, as is the hair.

If anyone has any suggestions?



  mgmcc 14:46 18 Dec 2005

Is your NTL broadband ADSL or Cable, because I believe NTL provide both? The router you have is only suitable for use with ADSL via the phone line, because it is a combined router/modem that doesn't have a separate WAN ethernet port to connect to a Cable Modem.

  Christofo 15:48 19 Dec 2005

Mgmcc, many thanks for a prompt response. I am on site at the moment and this problem has been doing my head in.

The internet connecntion is split from the NTL line and shared with the set top box. The connecntion is a modem connection i think.

When i plug a cable from the modem to the router (goes into the 1st ethernet?? connection on the router) and then attach a cable from the router (2nd connection) to the PC the broadband connections works.

This may be just a function of the router and seperate from the wireless problem that i am having.

I was wondering about the whole ADSL connection only thing, but when i got it to work being transferred through the router (wired) i thought that it might work.

  keewaa 16:20 19 Dec 2005

I think you should ring NTL and confirm with them whether you have cable broadband or adsl broadband.

Could you also confirm for sure, what the Linksys model number is.

I'm puzzled that you get anything to work as it sound to me like you are using an adsl wireless router with a cable supply and, as mgmcc says, the router is only suitable for adsl. But it puzzles me that you can get the internet when you have the router as part of the setup, so we really need confirmation of the supply type and router model.

  mgmcc 18:53 19 Dec 2005

If you are using a set-top box, then you must have NTL cable into the house. I suspect you are connecting one of the router's LAN ports to the internet and another to the computer so that the router is acting as a simple network switch. Its WAN port is intended to be connected to an ADSL enabled phone line.

You need to use a "stand-alone" Cable/DSL router instead of the combined "Router/ADSL Modem" that you have.

  Christofo 11:24 28 Dec 2005

Yup that sorted it all out.

Went and got an alternate router on Boxing day and managed to get it sorted.

Works like a charm.

Many thanks for the help you two much appreciated.

The original router was "suggested" by someone else. But sorted now.

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