Problems with new windows PC

  stjimmyglass 17:09 12 Mar 2006

Recently bought a 2nd hand PC and tried to defragment the hard drive using the microsoft maintainence wizard in windows...

Problem is that once it sets off defragmenting it only gets as far as 1% or 2% complete before it never actually gets any further!

Even if I left it for the whole night defragmenting in the morning it is still going at 1% or 2% complete!...wondered if there is any way to get round this? Or am i missing one of the settings?

  Pineman100 17:12 12 Mar 2006

Some running application is interrupting the defrag. Restart your computer in safe mode and then defrag.

  Gongoozler 17:36 12 Mar 2006

If this is a Windows 98 installation, use Diskeeper Lite click here

  dan12 17:40 12 Mar 2006

Try this. click here

found it helped when i had the same problem, and as suggested use in safe mode which worked for me also.
click here

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