Problems with new monitor ?

  SidCowans33 16:51 09 May 2017

I have just updated my monitor to a 27" BENQ GW2765HT running at a native 2044 x 1080.

The graphics card in my Windows 10 desktop is quite old but I primarily use the PC for photo editing and internet so have never needed anything of a gaming standard. The card is an AMD Radeon HD6450.

A couple of issues ..........

Whenever I run a video (eg: off You Tube) or make any great demand on the display, I get a flickering white horizontal line about one third of the way down the screen.

Is this a sign of something wrong or an incorrect setting ?

Secondly, I have the PC connected to the monitor via both D-Sub and HDMI. The D-Sub works fine (aside from the flickering line above) but the HDMI does nothing. I can change the "input" on the Monitor Menu to HDMI but when I do, the screen goes black and eventually states "No Signal".

The HDMI output previously connected to my Plasma TV and worked fine then.

Any advice would be appreciated !

  BRYNIT 18:12 09 May 2017
  1. Have you install upto date drivers for your graphics card?

  2. Are you sure you have it set at the correct resolution as 2044 x 1080 to me does not seem to be correct. Most monitors use 1920 x 1080 your monitor uses 2560 x 1440 but cannot find any other information on other resolutions it could be set to.

  SidCowans33 18:15 09 May 2017

I tried to download updated drivers from the AMD website but they said it was a legacy driver and they no longer supported it with updated drivers.

As for the resolution, I installed the monitor driver that came on the CD with it and the resolution automatically changed. If I go to my display settings now, all the resolution options are greyed out so I figure it has somehow imposed the native resolution and given me no choice ..... which seems strange !!!

  SidCowans33 18:16 09 May 2017

Legacy Graphics Card I meant !!!

  SidCowans33 18:23 09 May 2017

Forget that rubbish !

The resolution options were greyed out because I was looking at the wrong display ID ..... "1" instead of "2".

The resolution is the recommended 1920 x 1080

  SidCowans33 18:34 09 May 2017

It looks like what gamers call "screen tearing" ..... now how do I fix it ?!!!!

  Flat Earther 14:36 10 May 2017

As mentioned your screen appears to be 2560x1440, your Gfx card can only support that resolution via DVI dual link. Both HDMI and DVI single link will max out around 1920x1200.

Might be worth running the screen at 1280x720 which is scalable (x4) to see if it reduces tearing, until you can ensure you're connected via the correct cable for the native resolution.

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