Problems with new Mesh PC

  ensonricky 21:53 08 May 2004

Claudine has been having problems with the setting up of a new PC due to a catalogue of probems. The issue started life in the ConsumerWatch Forum click here Please view the thread and offer advice as you see fit.

  VoG II 22:02 08 May 2004

Send it back and demand a machine that works. Full stop. You have been treated terribly.

  woodchip 22:09 08 May 2004

And me

  VoG II 22:20 08 May 2004

At their expense.

Personally I would not touch that company with a bargepole judging by what you've been through. I have bought all my personal computers through John Lewis, "Never Knowingly Undersold", never had a problem and their after-sales support is second to none.

  ensonricky 22:21 08 May 2004

The sortware that claudine has tried to load appears fairly standard and unlikely to have caused such problems. If this is the case (do you agree?) what is the problem likely to be. A hard disk issue or problems with the operating system installation seem the likely candidates.
Why does the system however appear to function correctly until the software is installed?

  claudine 22:32 08 May 2004

On each occasion I have tried to use the computer "out of the box", without installing any of my software - there is a limited amount of things I can do with it with no net connection or ms office, but it did work ok with the little I did.

The hard disk was changed at one point and that didn't help. The last time the computer came back from mesh the service slip said corrupted os, and this time also something similar.

Thanks very much for your replies

  ensonricky 23:55 08 May 2004

To totally rule out your additional hardware/software as the cause of the problem what exactly are the items you're installing (model numbers) and what versions of Software did you install on the last occassion and what was the order of hardware/software installation.

  ch0pper 00:06 09 May 2004

it strikes me that claudine is a jinx on these computers.

To have one break down on you is unfortunate, but to have go 'go south' ... to paraphrase Lady Bracknell.

I'm sure that Mesh will have tsted your PC before sending it to you, so there must be something that YOU are doing that is messing up the PC.

Why not ditch the Netgear stuff and simply install all your normal software to see if that works. If it does, then Netgear would seem to be the problem for some reason. Can you access the 'net direct from this Mesh PC? If so, do that, d/l any XP critical upgrades, make a system restore point, and then try to install your Netgear equipment. If all is working before the Netgear, you've isolated he problem.

I can't for the life of me see why a new Mesh PC won't load MSOffice, and NAV and not work.

I feel certain that claudine's setup is no different to thousands of other Mesh PCs, and yet the overwhelming majority of their customers don't experience problems even though they load all sorts of software.

As for VoG™'s comments about terrible treatment from Mesh, the thread doesn't support that argument at all.

  Forum Editor 01:38 09 May 2004

There's a long-running thread about this in Consumerwatch, and we're not going to have another one here.

I lnow you mean well ensonricky, but please don't start new threads on someone else's behalf - claudine will manage perfectly well with the help that's already being provided in Consumerwatch, and duplicate threads always lead to confusion and irritation.

I'm locking this thread now, and I'll appreciate it if we can have less of the "I would not touch that company with a bargepole" type of comment - it helps no-one, and is based on prejudice.

This thread is now locked and can not be replied to.

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