Problems with new graphics card

  Leejg 18:20 07 Apr 2003

A few weeks ago I updated my graphics card to a geforce 4 mx440 from a tnt2. When using the new card mostly when online the computer freezes up firstly I thought it was a problem with the psu but I've upgraded to 330w and still the same problems. Anybody got any ideas.


  rickf 18:27 07 Apr 2003

Is it next to another card. With the fan on the G4 MX440 it sometimes inteferes with transition. If this is the case try moving it to another pci slot if you have a spare one. Hope it helps. I am suggesting this because I had a prob with my sound card being next to the new Ti4200.

  Leejg 19:10 07 Apr 2003

I've got my modem in the bottom of 3 PCI slots any other ideas anyone?

  AndySD 19:14 07 Apr 2003

what is your operating system?

  Leejg 19:18 07 Apr 2003


Win Me
My motherboard is a Micro star MS-6340
Do you know if this supports a geforce4

  AndySD 19:34 07 Apr 2003

There are a few 6340 is there any more detail.

You may be best to first go into the BIOS (tap away at Delete whilst booting) and set the AGP Appature to 64m and the AGP to 4X.

If this doesnt sort it then try the Detonator Destroyer click here and then reinstall the drivers.

  Leejg 19:40 07 Apr 2003

Ms-6340 1.0(Details from Belarc)
I've had a look in the bios and I think it did say 4x enabled. What's agp appature?

  Leejg 19:42 07 Apr 2003

Ps Will my Pc work ok after uninstalling drivers before re-installing them?

  AndySD 19:53 07 Apr 2003

Yes it will will just be set at a low resolution.

  Leejg 20:02 07 Apr 2003

Checked bios agp is set to 4X and appature to 64mb

Tried downloading det. destroyer but server must be busy.

How can I tell if there are any conflicts with my modem as it mostly freezes while connected. I can play games ok but probs when or just after connected.

  AndySD 20:06 07 Apr 2003

ADVANCED CHIPSET FEATURES and look for AGP Aperture Size

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