Problems with new gfx card

  Benbarth87 22:44 13 Nov 2007

ok, Just bought my self a new graphics card (ati 2600 xt 512mb). uninstalled my old one, fit all my new one in, and away i went.

Thats when problem after problem started, Firstly i noticed a slight slack in my computers performance, and that my ram had 512mb missing :S, secondly Sound has just decieded to quit on me, speakers working fine, tried all holes nothing happens. Then i thought what the hell i will see if the graphics card is actually working so i started up some call of duty 4, and went to change resolution to the same as my desktop which is 1440x900 and i get a direct x error and the game crashes. Tried alot of things here new driver software for the graphics card, redownloading direct x9c. any ideas anyone, im about to break down in tears lol

  Crazygeorge3 23:05 13 Nov 2007

Bit of a shot in the dark but what's your power supply? if you appear to have ram missing and if you graphics card can't take high resolutions your pc might not be kicking out enough power

  umbongo(uk) 23:08 13 Nov 2007

ok start at beginning

check for sound driver updates from their website

uninstall and then run this driver cleaner to clear all driver parts left behind off the system
click here
also double click my computer then click c drive you will see a folder saying ati delete this

reinstall ati driver all should be well

strage the ram being missing as i didnt thik the 2600xt version was tubo cached type of card ie it borrows onboard ram

ill have a look into it

  Benbarth87 23:11 13 Nov 2007

Ta, will have a go at reinstalling it, will get back to you on how it went

  okcoky 23:35 13 Nov 2007

the resolution you are using can cause a problem because it is not a standard one.Try 1280*1024 or if you want higher 1200*1600.

  Benbarth87 01:19 14 Nov 2007

Heya, Thanks for the help umbongo, its working now, not working, some little problems but i think thats down to other problems not down to the graphic card it self.

  Benbarth87 01:21 14 Nov 2007

erm sorry with last post Take away the "not working part"

  umbongo(uk) 03:11 14 Nov 2007

forgot to say after you update the drivers reboot the system

i wasnt quite clear on the driver cleaner but i guess you figured it out

select ati then run it should have been my directions

a lot of people get the sound driver conflicting with gfx issue

also remember to check up every now and again on the ati drivers as they change more often than any other pc driver every 3months or so

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