Problems with new Evesham Computer

  Southernboy 16:47 06 Jun 2005

Under my previous thread (Evesham Service), I detailed problems with a new PC bought in March.

Generally, it seems to work, albeit making a few strange noises when I lean to my desk. I can feel quite distinct vibration through the desk when it is running.

However, the problem first manifested when I attempted to run my Iomega Backup program, and the system hung. End Task did not work and I had to switch the PC off. Much discussion with both Iomega failed to solve the problem. Many in this forum were critical of Iomega and advised me to dump the drive, even though it was less than a year old.

Understandably, as Evesham did not supply the Iomega drive/software, they did not feel able to help, and suggested I use, instead, the DVD writer that came with the PC.

Today, after carefully reading the instructions, I tried to back up to a DVD-RW using the bundled Pinnacle backup software and (surprise, surprise) I got exactly the same problem as with the Iomega Backup software. The system hung and End Program failed to work. I tried three times, twice witha DVD-RW and once with a CD-R, without success. Far from being a problem with Iomega, it would seem that the problem is with the computer.

Strangely enough, I can use the Pinnacle software to copy files to both CD and DVD, but the backup program won't work. As I recall, with the zip drive, I could copy files but not use the backup program.

I imagine this problem is not one that can be easily solved but has anyone had this sort of experience?

  961 16:54 06 Jun 2005

Since you have followed Evesham's advice, how about trying them again?

Are you sure all the Iomega software, folders and settings have been removed including the use of something like Regseeker or cccleaner?

  961 16:59 06 Jun 2005

I've just read the previous thread and wonder if you had established if the software for the Iomega was ok for xp as I see it was originally used on a 98 computer

  Southernboy 17:16 06 Jun 2005

My Iomega software is certified for XP SP2. Iomega confirm that the software (bundled with the 750 Zip drive) is up-to-date. The only patch they have issued is for a problem I don't have.

Yes, I have e-mailed Evesham and await their reply. However, I am interested to know why a new XP SP2 PC is having problems with software designed to be used with it. It is strange that two different backup programs won't work. There has to be some deep-seated Windows problem.

I have also had problems with MS Money that Microsoft are currently investigating. They have asked me to e-mail my Money file to them, but I have had to point out that this would be a unwise move as it contains personal and confidential information.

  Ancient Learner 17:23 06 Jun 2005

Pinnacle. This software seems to be on a few new PCs. It was also on my new Mesh. It didn't work very well and I uninstalled it, installed a retail copy of Nero and that works, always, and I've never looked back! Well at least not on that part.

  Ankermi31 21:23 06 Jun 2005

Just a thought for you. I purchased a new Evesham too. I was having a lot of problems copying across to DVD and CD-R Could not use WXP to copy at all.
Evesham told me there is a problem with the Pinnacle software and would send me new software which is Roxio Easy Media Creator Basic DVD. I have offloaded Pinnacle and loaded the above and all my problems have floated away,

  Southernboy 17:12 13 Jun 2005

I'll mention this to Evesham.

  Southernboy 17:15 16 Jun 2005

Not only am I unable to backup up anything, but I find I am losing data. Entries made in MS Money are accepted but, the next time I look at them, they have vanished and it keeps returning to what it was 10 days ago.

I am very depressed at my new £1,000 computer is so unstable and no one seems to know the problem. Sending it back would mean my losing 30 years research, so that is not an option at the moment.

  Ancient Learner 19:47 16 Jun 2005

You have my absolute sympathy. I know it doesn't help though. You must feel. as I do many times, that your problems are treated as though you caused them, and nobody else has such problems. You know full well that that is not the case and it is soooo frustrating.

I came across a little quote the other day which I like,

Computers help you solve problems that you didn't have before you had a computer.

I reckon that you will just have to bite the bullet and reorganise you 'office' and get a large CRT - I love mine!

Have yiou got Nero Reloaded. That should get your backups working to DVDs, I find that it is so easy to use, and it just works! (Including it is able to burn an image of a drive to DVDs.)

(You might remember that I have an Athlon 320064 with XPSP2, not from Evesham, but a similar outfit.)

  Southernboy 13:12 17 Jun 2005

telling them of the problem and they have ignored my request to change Pinnacle for something else.

  Southernboy 15:20 21 Jun 2005

now suggest I should try System Restore, but tell me I should backup first. Great advice, given the problem is that I CAN'T backup!

I've tried three backup programs, but none work.

1. Pinnacle hangs almost immediately.

2. Iomega Automatic Backup not only hangs, but cause the computer to hang.

3. Retrospect appears to work except that it actually deletes all the work input since the problem first started.

I am baffled and getting no help from Evesham. Do I have to buy another computer?

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