problems with netgearDG834G v2

  tubateacher 11:41 16 Sep 2009

I have a netgear DG834G and have had no problems since I bought it until now! I suddenly found that I could not connect to internet via wireless. All the correct lights are on the router and if I connect via a cable then I can access the internet. As soon as I remove the cable, I lose the internet and the laptop says that there are no networks when you search for one.
Has anyone experienced this problem before or have any suggestions as to what might be wrong and how I can fix it?
Many thanks

  Grey Goo 12:06 16 Sep 2009

Sorry if this sounds funny but does your laptop have a wifi card fitted.

  Grey Goo 12:08 16 Sep 2009

Misread it - I think you have previously connected by wireless, oops.

  Grantrh 12:12 16 Sep 2009

Try connecting PC to another network such as at work etc - this will enable you to determine if the PC or the router is causing the problem.

  I am Spartacus 12:25 16 Sep 2009

Access the router, username = admin, password = password and click on Wireless Settings and check the settings there, particularly that 'Allow Broadcast of Name (SSID)' is ticked.

Alternatively the wireless card in the laptop may have failed.

  baldydave 13:35 16 Sep 2009

Is your laptop a HP or Compaq?
If so there is a strong possibility that the on board network card has failed,and some are built into the motherboard,meaning the only solution is a usb dongle or pcmcia wireless card.
In XP Look in START/control panel/device manager and look for network devices you should see a listing for your ethernet connection and one for wireless ie broadcom or ralink if none are shown it may be a knackered chip.
If you wireless is working it should pick up networks in your surrounding area like your neighbours if they have one.

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