problems with netgear wireless router

  zincy 19:55 15 Apr 2007

Hi there

I am having problems with my netgear wireless router DG834G. I am with AOL and it was fine before I got this new router. The problem with it is that it seems to be very very slow with opening web pages and times out quite often. This seems to happen only sometimes and not all the time. I did a speed test and it seems to be fine and all my downloads are running at very fast speeds, its just web broswing that seem to be a problem?

any ideas?

  ashdav 00:58 16 Apr 2007
  Nick1981 15:25 16 Apr 2007

Im running a netgear DG834G v3 with aol and generally its fine. Very occasionally browsing is slow but it soon sorts itself out

  zincy 07:53 17 Apr 2007

thanks for the response

but my problem still persist. It happens to everyone on the network wired and wireless, where the web page just takes very long to open? and times out. When this happens my downloads and my msn still works, its just web broswing that stops? However when we restart the router everything is back to normal? we tried the latest firmware on the router as well.

  iscanut 09:12 17 Apr 2007

I use the same Netgear model and no problems at all. Have you tried their Technical Help. I used them once when setting up and they responded very quickly.

  simon_lambert 10:57 17 Apr 2007

If you still have problems, there is a whole forum for networking, try posting your message on there. The people who know their stuff on networking will be there.

  Sebastian Ereira 13:10 17 Apr 2007

post this in Networking to get more help

  AndySD 15:27 17 Apr 2007

click here and scroll down to What are the essential settings for connecting to AOL? and check in the router the MRU, MTU and MSS settings

  zincy 12:26 19 Apr 2007

ok thanks for all the help
how do i move this thread over to the networking forum?

  zincy 15:26 19 Apr 2007

forgot to mention that i am connecting via a wireless usb adapter WG111v2, but I tried again to use a wired on to see if that was the problem but the same problem where web pages cant load or take a very long time to load

  AndySD 15:33 19 Apr 2007

zincy have you changed the mtu as Netgear tend to set it to 1500 as default and AOL want 1450

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