Problems navigating some sites over wireless

  kbca23 12:06 21 Oct 2007

I am having problems withe certain internet pages over wirelss internet. Typically sites like hotmail, ebay, or yahoo mail will load the start page almost immediately but attempts to sign in, send mail or check account details will often not load at all and report 'interent connection problems'. My desktop, which has wired ethernet access through the same router, has no probelsm logging into and navigating all these sites. The wirelss signal is always good and the problem is present when the laptops are in the same room as the router. Has anybody any idea of a solution, please.

  brundle 13:53 21 Oct 2007

Is the wireless machine able to access the sites correctly when it is hooked up with a cable instead?

  kbca23 16:32 21 Oct 2007

Yes, it is and and indeed the probelms effects any machine connected through the wirless internet

  brundle 16:47 21 Oct 2007

What make/model router?

  kbca23 22:17 21 Oct 2007

The router is 3Com office conect ADSL wireless 11g firewire router

  kbca23 22:18 21 Oct 2007

The router is 3Com office conect ADSL wireless 11g firewire router

  Dipso 22:43 21 Oct 2007

This is a strange one...the fact that it happens to any machine connected to the wireless rules out an MTU issue on the laptop, which can cause such symptoms.

Do you have the latest firmware for the router?

  kbca23 08:29 22 Oct 2007

Yes, I've checked for firmware updates. I have also conidered interference from aneighbours wirelss within range of mine but since everything else loads quite speedily . . . .
It is almost as if the wireless connection gives up before it gets though to the server. it's happening regulalry on trying to view sent messages on yahoo mail (with the wired connection there is again no problem)

  Dipso 09:37 22 Oct 2007

Who is your ISP?

I think it may be worth changing the MTU value for the laptops wireless card and see if this makes a difference...can't do any harm. If you advise your ISP I will tell you what value to try and how to apply it.

  kbca23 13:16 22 Oct 2007

Ok, yes, my isp is EFH broadband Thanks

  Dipso 17:33 22 Oct 2007

I can only find one mention of an MTU value of 1460 for EFH. It's possible to find out the exact value but the procedure can be fiddly, I think the best way to you to do this is to download TCP Optimizer from click here run the program and set the slider to your current connection speed. Select your laptops wireless adapter fro the drop down list and then hit Optinal settings.

Let me know how you get on. Any problems post back.

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