Problems with my wireless connection

  Amy1980 10:55 09 Oct 2008


We have had our wireless connection for a couple of years but recently it's been very slow and didn't work in the upstairs of our house. I thought the Netgear router might be broken or something so I called AOL to ask what to do and how to get it working upstairs again.

We established that the router was fine - all the lights working and they told me to open the Internet Explorer, type in a series of digits (something like but I can't be 100% sure of the numbers now) and this brought up the Netgear page. They asked me to go into 'Basic Settings' on the left and made a few changes. Then the next link underneath 'Basic Settings' and the next one underneath which I remember was 'Wireless Settings'. I believe in here there was a drop-down box that was set to 1 and they told me to change it to 11 and said this was probably why the Internet wasn't working upstairs. So I made this change and I think a couple of others following their advice, and they pressed 'apply' but the page failed.

Almost immediately after this a box popped up in the bottom right hand corner saying I was unable to connect to my prefered wireless network and I think something that they asked me to do previously is what caused the network connection to somehow disappear. The problem is, not knowing much about computers, I don't know what it is they asked me to do that has caused this.

I told the guy on the phone and immediately he asked me to right click on the symbol and try to connect but I knew the connection had disappeared as there was a red cross over the symbol. He said to me I should get the ethernet cable now (presumably to try to reconnect) but I didn't have one so he told me to call back when I had got it.

So I managed to borrow an ethernet cable and the Internet works fine with it plugged in but I don't know what on earth to do now to get the wireless connection back. I tried calling AOL again and spoke to 2 different people, one of which told me I needed to go to PC world to sort out my computer as there is no problem with the router (i.e. excellent signal). When I take out the ethernet and try to connect (it comes up with some sort of network code already filled out and I have to press ok), it just seems to search for the network and never finds it. And then the box disappears and the symbol in the bottom right hand corner has a small light going back and forth - like it's searching for something.

If anyone has any idea what I might have done to lose the connection/how to get it back I'd be very grateful. I assume it's just a case of the signal not being picked up by the laptop and it was clearly a change I made somewhere whilst on the phone to AOL as the signal was lost immediately after.

Many thanks


  mgmcc 12:45 09 Oct 2008

When you connect to a wireless network, a "profile" is saved so that, in future, the Wireless Network Adapter will connect automatically to the network if it is available.

Because you've changed some settings in the router, the "profile" may no longer be valid and so you cannot connect. You need to delete the existing "profile" and then go through the procedure to "Connect" again - in other words, run the wireless adapter's software, scan for "Available Wireless Networks", find and highlight the one that matches your router's SSID (network name) and select the option to "Connect" to it. You should be prompted to enter any WEP or WPA encryption key and, once "Connected", the wireless adapter should get its IP address by DHCP from the router and you should have network and internet access.

If you're using Windows "Wireless Zero Configuration" to manage your wireless networking, go into the Network Connections folder ("Start > Run", type NCPA.CPL and click OK), right click the Wireless Network Connection, select Properties and then the Wireless Networks tab where you can "Remove" an existing profile click here

If you're using third-party software provided with the wireless adapter, there should be a similar option to remove an existing profile.

  Amy1980 14:54 10 Oct 2008

Thank you for all your help. I did try this last night and managed to delete both the automatic wireless connection set up and also one called 'Royal' something that I'd never heard of. But now I've made the situation even worse. I can't seem to set up a new one and now we can't even use the Internet with the ethernet cable. Everytime I try to go on a web page it brings up a dial-up connection box. Any ideas?



  mgmcc 16:01 10 Oct 2008

<<<< it brings up a dial-up connection box >>>>

Open Internet Explorer and, in its menus, go to "Tools > Internet Options", click the Connections tab and make sure you select the option to "Never dial a connection".

  bobbybowls 21:16 10 Oct 2008

after you have set IE to never dial a connection, get a paper clip and insert it in to the reset on the router and hold it in for 3 or 4 seconds. that will set the router back to factory settings. if you have a setup disk for the router run it. if not then go into IE and type into the address bar. this will bring up the routers configuration pages. the log in will be admin and password. on the first page enter your AOL details after this post back and we will talk you through the rest of the setup.

  bobbybowls 21:22 10 Oct 2008

p.s. go to this site click here and enter your router model in the drop down box.

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