Problems with My Pictures

  Roadgiant 10:41 14 Sep 2008

I seem to have a problem with the My Pictures folder, if I try to open it either from the start menu or from within My Documents the folder opens and then freezes with all the folders displaced and I end up having to use task manager to close it.
I have also noticed that when I do this the AVG icon indicates it is running scans even after I have used task manager to close My pictures.
I have successfully backed up the my Pictures folder onto an external drive and can open the folder and all files/pictures from the ext drive with no problems.
I have tried copy pasting the backed up version from the external drive into My Documents and saying Yes to overwrite but the problem still exists.
I have run CCleaner and also done a system restore to yesterday (when the My pictures folder was working fine with no success).
I copied some new photos this morning from mem card and it appeared that the problem started from then.
I am running XP with SP3 installed.
Thanks in advance for any help RG.

  David4637 14:31 14 Sep 2008

Have they got the same file extension eg *.jpg?
If they have delete say 75% of the files - you say you have a back of them all anyway. Then try opening up the folder/file. If this does not work delete all the files except one and see what happens. If you still have a prob delete the folder and create it again and see what happens by loading a few *.jpg, if OK load them all back in. David

  David4637 14:37 14 Sep 2008

in first line should read back "up" of them all etc.
May be worth trying to a restore point before this prob, or uninstall SP3, then try my Trial & Error in above post. David

  Roadgiant 22:11 14 Sep 2008

Thanks for the reply, as mentioned above I have already performed a system restore with no luck and also I am unable to delete the files due to the fact that the whole folder freezes and I have to close it through task manager.

  burnlea 18:19 25 Oct 2008

When I transfer my jpeg camera images directly to disc (CD or DVD) my dvd player plays them without a problem. If I process them with Adobe Photoshop CS3 and save them as jpeg images, the dvd player won't play them, and gives an error message 'error decoding jpeg image'.
Any suggestions please?

  Pineman100 18:26 25 Oct 2008

You say that the problem started after you had copied a new batch of photos from a memory card to your hard drive.

If all else fails, maybe you could try taking your hard drive out of the computer, and installing it into another machine as a slave. Then delete the batch of photos that started the problem.

No guarantees, but it might be worth a try.

  Pineman100 18:28 25 Oct 2008

Asking your question on someone else's thread is known as hijacking, and isn't popular.

I suggest you start your own thread to ask your question.

  Roadgiant 18:40 25 Oct 2008

Sorry thought I'd ticked this one as resolved, I ended up doing a complete format and reinstall.

  Pineman100 10:50 26 Oct 2008

Tick Resolved?

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