Problems with my mouse, not moving inaStraightLine

  OriMouse 13:20 24 Jul 2018

2 weeks ago i noticed something weird in my mouse, i was playing fortnite and when i tried to move my sniper a bit to the right the mouse didn't move right, he moved a bit up and when i tried moving him faster to the right the mouse moved in a weird up and right and down pattern. i dont know if its a problem in my mouse or just a bug, but it happens everywhere not only in fortnite , i struggle moving my mouse in a straight line because something is wrong with the mouse and when i try to move my mouse from the bottom left of the screen to the top up part of the screen its like the mouse is trying to climb the stairs, moving up and right up and right, is it the scanner of the mouse or a lag?

  wee eddie 13:34 24 Jul 2018

In reality, it is more likely that there is something wrong with your co-ordination. It is very difficult to persuade your fingers to do what your mind instructs them to do.

That's what makes accurate snipers so rare. Try stopping your heart beating, just before you move your mouse.

My Teresa who was, in her time, a successful WRAC Sharpshooter at Bisley, was not able to do that but she could stop breathing, without increasing her heart rate, for the time it was required to aim and fire a shot

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