Problems with my external drive

  ponytail 09:59 06 Dec 2014

I have a Seagate 2tb external drive when I plugged it in this morning it said not recognised.Have finally got it working or so I thought as it appeared when I clicked on computer but when I opened it there was nothing on it.except the following three folders 1 Seagate when opened shows registration followed by then Seagate-release.exe followed by serial number.xml then setup.cfg 2 Autorun.inf 3 Setup.exe Does anyone have any ideas what the problem is My O/S is windows 7

  john bunyan 11:08 06 Dec 2014

Are you saying that data you have put on the Seagate appears to be missing? If so you could try Recuva


By the way, looking at your profile you have never "green ticked" a question you have posed - I hope they are not still unresolved.

  ponytail 11:16 06 Dec 2014

Apologies for the green ticks have ticked quite a few but must admit if the problem has been sorted which in most cases it has I have forgotten to go back and tick them.Will try and remember inn future.Will try what you suggested in a half hour as have to pop out now.Thanks for the tip

  wee eddie 13:18 06 Dec 2014

First: Click on "Computer" on your Desktop and you will see the Drive. Check how much is stored on it.

If the Volume suggests that your stuff is still there but not being displayed, close the PC down and reboot it while the External Drive is still attached.

A word of warning: When detaching External Drives it is best to do so while the PC is turned off or via the Remove USB Devices on your Task Bar

  ponytail 08:58 07 Dec 2014

I have found out what the problem was.When I connected the mains lead I connected one end to the laptop and the other end was plugged into the mains socket but the section from the power point had come out of the junction box I did not see it.Is it called a junction box.The cable from the laptop is permanently connected to one end but the end from the power supply can be unplugged.Thanks for the advice anyway.

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