Problems with my CD Drive & Monitor

  mutantcamel 15:30 03 Jan 2005

I've had this problem for quite a bit now, when I try to play a cd, I'm told no D Drive exists.

I have checked the System Properties and there is an exclamation mark next to the Secondary Bus Master IDE controller (dual fifo).

I phoned my pc helpline and they told me that I needed a new Windows Me restore cd and my current version of windows was corrupt. I tried it and it made no difference the cd wouldn't load. I also tried it in the other drive used to burn cdr's but nothing.

Anyone know what's wrong with it? The PC people don't seem to know what they're on about and I don't want them fogging me off again.

Also over the last few days my monitor has started to behave strangely. I've had flickery lines all across the screen. I tried plugging the leads back in but it still the same. On My desktop all the icons have like a smudged white line going across the screen.

I guess it's not due to interference, has my monitor totally had it?

Also sometimes when I turn my computer on, it sounds it makes this strange sound like they's a cd trapped in the cd rom drive. I turn it off and eventually it starts sounding ok.

To be honest they's nothing what is ok with this mchine. I've tried to download stuff but it just won't let me, I refresh the page and this causes the window to close.

Any help would be appreciated

  woodchip 15:37 03 Jan 2005

This should work with WinME, go click here Download a Win98se OEM boot file, put a floppy disc in computer and double click the download it will create a boot disc, start with the boot disc and allow to load to A:\> now type SCANREG /RESTORE press enter choose a old date to restore with the keyboard arrows and enter key

  mutantcamel 16:04 03 Jan 2005

I keep trying downloading one of the files and it just keeps closing the window down entirely.

I already have a boot disk which I use with the cd as part of the restore pack. What will this windows 98 boot disk do differently if I manage to download it?!

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