Problems with MP3 player & Windows Media Player

  gerryp25 22:24 01 Jan 2010

HI, just got myself new MP3 player namely an Archos 2. They suggest ripping cd as normal using 'Windows Media Player Ver 10, XP' tools-options-rip music-I have directed it to Desktop. When as they suggest drag and drop to Music folder on player it does so but as 'unknown artist' for every cd I have tried. The ripped music shows up as different files in the folder but when I come to listen on player I find that all the ripped cd's have been lumped together under 'unknown artist' the track numbers finish on one album then start as no.1 again until the end then start as no. 1 again for next album. This I would imagine is wrong but I can't get it to change, I have even renamed file from 'unknown ' to the artist but that doesn't show either.
Has any one got any ideas as to what could be wrong? I have also tried syncing from Media Player and it does the same thing
One other thing I should mention is that when I have loaded cd I expected the the computer to find Album title and track details automatically, could that be the reason why the ripped cd's are appearing as 'unknown artist'
How do you get the information for the album, I have clicked on find album information and it says WMP is trying to contact store but comes back with the message ' Error contacting service'
Can someone please help?

  OTT_Buzzard 00:07 02 Jan 2010

Go to Tools - Options and select the Library tab.

Select "retrieve additional information from the internet"

That should take care of the CDs's you've already ripped. It does take a while to get all the info though, and it's not always correct - especially when the track is from a multi artist album.

For any further CD's, i suggest you use CDex. It has a far better facility to to add ID3 tags.

  gerryp25 22:08 03 Jan 2010

HI OTT_Buzzard, had a look at my settings under tools etc, and find that the ' retrieve additional information' is already ticked and it doesn't put the information on the ripped album.
Anything else you can think of or should I look into the CDex program mentioned?
Thanks for your interest!!

  OTT_Buzzard 02:10 04 Jan 2010

I've just been having a play on WMP V11 and can't replicate your problem.

I can only suggest two things at the moment:

1. update your copy of media player to v11 (help menu - check for updates)

2. load your existing mp3 files into a WMP play list and wait a while to see if the ID3 tags populate. You may need to play the songs as well.

  gerryp25 22:00 04 Jan 2010

Thanks OTT_Buzzard I will try that tomorrow when I have more time to play. Will let you know if successful

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