Problems with Movie Maker

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I have just returned from holiday and have loads of video to edit. I have started putting together one movie using Windows Movie Maker on a laptop running Vista, but when I try to publish it, it gets to about 15-30% then fails.

I have tried opening the .MSWMM file on a bigger XP machine (2 x CPU & 4 GB memory), but that just says that the version of Movie Maker I used isn't compatible. If I try opening any of the .mpg files that the Sony HDD camcorder creates this also produces an error saying that XP Movie Maker can't read .mpg files.

The Vista laptop has 1 Gb memory, and plenty of disk space. I have tried adding a USB keypen for extra memory (readyboost) and stopped all unesseccary processes to clear memory. I have also increased the swap file, in stages, from 2 Gb up to 8 Gb.

I have spent nearly 2 weeks putting this movie together on the Vista laptop and don't want to lose what I have done so far! Any help would really be appreciated. Is there anyway of getting the XP Movie Maker to accept the Vista .MSWMM file, or a different program that will run on XP and use this already created file.

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no answer i'm afraid but you may find it here,you could also try a search in the forums for example mswmm and you may find an answer click here

  eedcam 14:47 09 Jan 2010

Plenty Info and covertors here
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  Les28 16:01 09 Jan 2010

An MSWMM project file is a reference file used by WMM to reference the original video files in wherever you've saved them on your hard drive transfering that reference file to another pc means that the project file can't find the original video files, as they're on another pc, in your case WMM on your XP machine can't find the original video files as they are on the Vista machine.

What version of Vista are you using, I thought only Vista Home Premium or Vista Ultimate WMM would allow import of mpeg2 files and WMM in XP normally doesn't accept mpeg2 input.

Might be an idea for safety to copy the MSWMM file and paste into another folder in Documents in case of any problems you can always paste it back into the original folder usually Videos in Vista or My Videos in XP.

With you saying you could only get 15-30% published, you still have all the original video files on your hard drive do you and in the same location as when you made the project, as deleting or moving original files will give the MSWMM reference file problems. You only delete or move the original files after you've rendered/published/saved your work as a video file.

Otherwise maybe you could try breaking the project into smaller pieces in case the Vista laptops struggling and resaving the projects pieces with different file names to your original project file, as MSWMM project files and then trying one at a time to publish them, they will always be joined together in your video dvd burning software later. An extra 1 GB of RAM might help with Vista.

What file type are you outputting/publishing as do you know? Is it WMV, or DV-AVI?

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