problems with mouse during games

  square eyes 17:51 19 Jun 2003

Hi there,

Only in the last 2 weeks this has been happening.
After a period of time while playing a game the mouse will start doing its own thing. The results of the scroll wheel being moved and the buttons being pressed.
You know when you connect to internet your cursor will freeze for a split second? well, this starts to happen quite frequently becoming more frequent. I have tried system restore, reinstalling mouse but no luck.
I think it might be disc thrashing?? or the pc starts to get busy after a long period of a game

i suspect that advanced display properties may have the answer
Any ideas please would be very appreciated.

Windows XP 640mb ram, Radeon 9000 pro 64mb, 2100 Athlon processor, Audigy soundblaster 5.1, and I use a TFT Monitor.

  square eyes 01:04 20 Jun 2003


  bof:) 12:28 20 Jun 2003

Hi Square eyes,

did you delete the original mouse drivers before you reinstalled your new ones?


  square eyes 18:22 20 Jun 2003

Hi Mike,
Not that i know of. I would have simply installed new drivers for my intellipoint 4.
However, i have realized that the mouse works ok after uninstalling the software that came with the mouse, (optical)
So i have removed that and am now left with the standard.
When i installed drivers for my gamepad i got confused when it tried to install a magic keyboard and magic mouse, i simply left them alone and have to yellow "!" in device manager. This has been the case for a few months and has been fine. The sporradic mouse activity has just started in the last couple of weeks and only happens after a game has been on for a while.
I think i might reinstall the gamepad and try and get rid of those exlamation marks.

I wait for any further advice or ideas.

Many Thanks

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