Problems with McAfee on Android Tablet

  RISC OS user 15:07 21 Jan 2018

I have purchased a Lenovo tablet in past month and set up and activated the Free McAfee protection which was installed by the manufacturer. I believed that I had added the Tablet to my main account with McAfee which I have paid for and is installed on two of my Windows PCs. I have since been advised that the Free installation on the tablet has or will expire today and have been asked to pay for protection, so I asked McAfee to send me a link which was received and I thought I had activated it on the Tablet, but now each time I try to log into my account from the Tablet I am informed that the password is incorrect. I have checked that I am using the correct email address and password for my account be logging on via my Windows PC. How can I remove all traces of the original McAfee and continue with the paid for version which I thought I had installed on the tablet via the link? The tablet seems to have removed the Icon for McAfee from the homepage and everywhere else. I hope this Forum is appropriate for my question!

  difarn 21:02 21 Jan 2018

Have you been into settings, applications, found McAfee free and uninstalled from there?

  RISC OS user 22:01 21 Jan 2018

I have been into applications and it is listed but not McAfee "free" only McAfee and I am unable to do anything with it.

  difarn 10:12 22 Jan 2018

It may be that if it was installed with the tablet you cannot uninstall it in the normal way Have you tried -Settings>Security>Device Administrators to see if it is listed there? If so can you uncheck it?

  RISC OS user 17:26 22 Jan 2018

Thank you both, I seem to now have a working app for my paid for McAfee.

  difarn 21:06 22 Jan 2018

Glad its sorted.

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