Problems with mass storage device / SD Cards

  Groove_remover 10:07 21 Sep 2003

I ave wndows XP and a trust digital camera. I can read data from the cameras 16 MB internal memory, however, I can't seem to read from the 128 MB external San Disk, SD Card.
I have intaled the camers drivers over and over again.
When the camera connects it create F drive as a mass storage device, but othing is in it.
Please Help - Hopefully it will be something easy to fix or an oversight on my part.

  MAJ 10:11 21 Sep 2003

Have you tried a card reader to see if there actually is anything on the SD card, Groove_remover? It could be that the SD card is faulty and not storing any info.

  Groove_remover 10:14 21 Sep 2003

The camera detect that the card is in OK and itseems to be stroring info as I can view pictures whilst the camera is in playback mode. I don't have a card reader and haven't had e card in one.

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