Problems with MailWasher

  Nosmas 14:08 27 Aug 2003

I have had this useful program (v2.0) installed for some time. During the past couple of days MailWasher itself has issued the following - "The authentication failed for account xxxx ( - Bad Username or Password", and behind that another window asking for the Username and Password for the server to be entered. My username is already (correctly) displayed but of course the password is shown as asterisks. I have repeatedly re-keyed the password and left the tick against the 'Remember Password' box, but still I keep getting this error for both my own and my wife's mailboxes.

I normally leave MailWasher running in the background and it checks for new mail every 10 minutes. Initially the error condition only occurred intermittently, but now it seems to occur whenever it tries to check for new mail, and since this morning, whenever I launch the program. I can access both mailboxes by logging on at freenet's web-site. Freenet's help line have checked everything and confirmed all is correct at their end and are saying the problem is with the MailWasher software.

I cannot go to MailWasher's on line Help as I haven't made a donation to them. I intended to do so when they had honoured their promise to fix the problem of MailWasher not dialling-up when a connection doesn't exist, but this has never been done.

Any thoughts on whether the problem is with MailWasher or freenet or elsewhere, and how to rectify it would be greatly appreciated.

  sil_ver 16:08 27 Aug 2003

I've had this problem as well. I think it's probably a fault at your ISP end, the sobig virus has created havoc with servers but I'm sure it'll sort itself out. If it continues to be a problem try removing your e-mail account(s)from outlook express and reinstalling it/them again.

  Nosmas 19:29 27 Aug 2003

Seems I am not alone then. As both you and sil_ver have had same problem makes me wonder if it might be MW's fault after all. Have tried closing and restarting but it didn't make any difference. Will try your idea of increasing the checking time.


When I set up MW I was unable to import my email accounts from OE so had to set them up manually in MW. I have tried removing them and setting them up again but to no avail. Difficult to understand how ISP server problems could be responsible, but one never knows in this somewhat complicated communications world! Just hope you are right that it will sort itself out in the end.

  Nosmas 21:19 27 Aug 2003

Your post and those of Jester2K II and sil_ver seem to put the problem right in MW's court. I too have had these error messages only on odd occasions in the past, when I put it down to a problem with freenet's servers. But now it is happening so very frequently I feel it must be MW's fault. Strange thing is in the last couple of hours it has only reported the problem with my wife's account and has displayed any messages waiting for my account.

Will 'green tick' this thread now and keep my fingers crossed that this irritating problem will disappear as fast as it arrived!

  The Teacher 21:32 27 Aug 2003

Make sure that your POP3 and SMT server details are correct. I have had mailwasher for a long while now, even switching ISPs when I changed from dial-up to Broadband made no difference at all.

The Teacher

  sil_ver 23:52 27 Aug 2003

When I said reinstall your e-mail connections I meant in Outlook Express not MW.

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