Problems loading a site with Firefox 30.0

  RISC OS user 15:13 02 Jul 2014

I have been having problems loading the "Royal Central" website see click here and now it only loads the home page and nothing else. I have written to the site controller and they have confirmed that the site is running correctly. I have loaded the site successfully in Chrome and sort of correctly in IE 11 but as my IE seems to have a life of its own I cannot be sure why the site does not display correctly there. Might there be anything I can do to make it run correctly in Firefox? My favourite browser is Firefox and I would like not to have to use Chrome unless I really have to, whilst it is faster that Firefox I have not been able to configure in a similar way to Firefox. I am running Windows 8.1, ZoneAlarm, SpywareBuster and Spybot Search & Destroy 2.3.

  caccy 20:14 02 Jul 2014

Loads ok on my FF30.0. Have all sorts of "spy/blocking" programmes running.

  dizmek 20:28 02 Jul 2014

Hi, Newbie here. I have accessed Royal Central from FF 30.00 without a problem. Not a site I would visit regularly, as I am a confirmed Republican and distant descendant of Oliver Cromwell, whose grandfather changed the family name in honour of Thomas Cromwell. (Henry VIII's chancellor, I believe.)

  Secret-Squirrel 08:40 03 Jul 2014

RISC, in Firefox 30.0, on two PCs, the homepage seems intact but the links on the black horizontal navigation bar (Royal Family, State & Ceremony, etc) don't work. Is that the problem you're having?

  RISC OS user 19:59 08 Jul 2014

Sorry not to have got back sooner, Yes that sums the problem up.

  RISC OS user 22:23 08 Jul 2014

I sent a message to the site before I posted the problem on the Forum and they returned with a message stating that they were not aware of a problem.

  RISC OS user 10:26 09 Jul 2014

I will send the site another message referring to out posts. They might look again.

  Secret-Squirrel 10:45 09 Jul 2014


You, Woolwell and I all have the same problem with in Firefox 30.0 so it's almost certainly a problem with the site. I even tried Firefox's Safe Mode and got the same problem so I can't blame my settings or add-ons.

Hopefully the website's designers will tweak the site's code to make their site work properly in one of the world's most popular browsers.

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