problems loading programs on new PC

  golfpro 10:02 17 Jun 2006

I have just bought a new PC, the trouble is when I try to reinstall some of the programs ie, Lotus Organizer etc. from the original disc, they will load but not run, or will run with parts or all of the program missing. Does this mean that they are dedicated disc's for just one install, or is there another problem??

Also when I am playing a music program though either Real or Media Player, and try to download another program at the same time I get a lot of noise through the speakers, and the music slows down as if you had put your finger lightly on a record when playing it on a turntable, this continues until the program is fully downloaded. Its so bad that I can't play any music when windows is downloading a lot of updates.
I have plenty of memory RAM (1012mb) and my PC's processor is a Pentium 4 running 3.9MHz.
I would be grateful if anyone has any thoughts on this subject.

  ICF 10:10 17 Jun 2006

How long have you had the computer?
Could it be an option to send or take it back under warranty?

  golfpro 10:17 17 Jun 2006

I've only had the computer about a month, and it may mean a trip back to the shop unless someone has any ideas.
A couple of things I forgot to mention I have a cable broadband connection and run Windows XP home. The only diference between this PC and my old one (apart from the speed and memory), is the old one had an English version of XP and this had a pre-instaled German version.

  wee eddie 11:41 17 Jun 2006

How old is the L9otus software that you are trying to install?

If you are downloading a piece of software and trying to stream radio at the same time, are you surprised that one suffers. What speed is your connection and I believe that your ISP's Contention Ratio is relevant?

  golfpro 15:14 17 Jun 2006

I had thought about the ISP connection, but with my old PC I had no problem except it was a bit slower.

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