problems loading oem version of Works 8

  Keithrow 13:46 12 Feb 2006

I recently bought a PC which came with a bundled version of Microsofts Works 8 OEM version.

I didn't install it as I had Office already.

Recently my dad bought an Acer Notebook which came with no Office or Similar applications. I tried to install my unused copy of Works 8 but had problems.

The application loaded but with some items missing. I tried uninstalling and re installing but no luck, there were no templates for example.

In desperation I tried the application on my PC and it loaded correctly with all conponents included.

Is the software somehow linked to the PC for which it was purchased or is there some other explanation?

Both computers use XP home.

  €dstowe 13:51 12 Feb 2006

Very often software bundled with a computer (or other hardware) is ties to the particular thing it is sold with. Looks like that's the case here.

  L818 13:52 12 Feb 2006

Certainly sounds like it is linked with what is already loaded in your pc.

  Keithrow 14:04 12 Feb 2006

My PC came fro Mesh and I can't remember what was already installed, office wise. Certainly the PC came with a 60 day trial for MS Office but the Works CD was in a sealled envelope.

My dad's notebook an Acer, had no word proccessing applications of any kind.

Would Mesh be a sufficiently 'major player', in Microsofts eyes, to warrant it's own 'special' version of Works 8?

There was no problem registering Works on the Notebook. We even downloaded an update, this must have been the most recent as it was done yesterday. The downloaded version still had similar ommissions to the original.

  spuds 14:18 12 Feb 2006

Mesh would be a major player, and their license agreement with Microsoft would provide special security futures.Similar with Dell products.

  MESH Support 10:06 14 Feb 2006

The version of Works we supply with our systems is a standard OEM version.

Whilst the licence implies that it should only ever be used with the system it was supplied with, there is in fact nothing to stop you installing it on any other PC you like.


  Hertz Van Rentyl 10:28 14 Feb 2006

Sometimes you can add features later as with Office. If you run the Cd again you may get a menu to add components.

  Keithrow 13:24 14 Feb 2006

Well Davey's answer throws the whole thing up in the air again, many thanks for your response.

It seems bizarre to me that the same software can produce such varying results.

The included templates are ideal for an inexperienced user, as could be described of my Dad. I can't see why they should be installed on my PC and not on his notebook.

Surely Microsoft don't expect additional software to be present to enable another to work. Not in the case of Works which is an already cut down version of Office.

When installed on the notebook, it seems as though the 'Task Launcher' home page has been chopped off on the right hand side, as we look at it.

There were no templates and nothing when the 'program' label was used.

Any other ideas as to why this should happen and best of all, how it can be put right?

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