Problems with line-in on sound card Help please.

  bof:) 12:04 29 Apr 2005

Hi all at friends house trying to connect his cassette player to pc so that he can record to hd and then to cd.

We are using a program called Polderbits.

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We are having problems with friends sound card and which socket is the line-in.

He has 3 sockets on his card:
socket1 coloured green with a symbol of ((( ))) with an arrow pointing into the centre of the circles and a dot on the outside. (this is the 1 suggested by Polderbts to be the line-in but it has the speakers connected to it so is this a line out?).

Socket 2: Blue and has ((( ))) with the arrow pointing outwards and the dot in the middle.

Socket 3 is red and has a microphone symbol next to it.

We are connecting from the cassette player via the headphone socket with the volume turned right down as suggested.

But we get nothing. So any help will be greatly appreciated.

many thianks


  Chegs ® 12:31 29 Apr 2005

If you right click the sound icon(systray)and select Properties,make sure that none of the options are muted,and that line-in is actually enabled.

If you cannot get the tape sounds in via any other option,try using the red (Mic)port,but ensure it doesn't have boost enabled,and run a few trials to get its volume slider set correctly.

  bof:) 13:52 29 Apr 2005

Hi Chegs ®, you are a star. Once plugged into the microphone socket the sound levels on the program shotup to halfway!

By trial and error we found a level just right for the music being recorded.

We also had none of the 'hiiiisss' that was found when we plugged into the line-in socket.

many thanks for your help, my friend is now impressed with the PCA site and going to join.

Thanks again,


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