Problems with latest JAVA update 8.0 build 40?

  Joe G 17:39 07 Mar 2015


Just tried downloading this from filehippo as it came up as an update but Chrome as blocked is as potentially damaging! Any known issues with it? I'm on Win 7 64 bit


  northumbria61 13:26 08 Mar 2015

Do you really need JAVA? I am on Win 7 64 bit using Firefox. I don't have JAVA installed and haven't had for a long time.

Take a read of this LINK

  gfergie 13:35 08 Mar 2015

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  Joe G 22:23 08 Mar 2015

Thanks - I had noticed the issues with JAVA vulnerabilities before - wondering if the best option may be to uninstall as you suggest but thought it was needed for several web pages - not sure though - what are others views?

  Secret-Squirrel 09:38 09 Mar 2015

"....... but thought it was needed for several web pages..."

There are very few websites that use Java nowadays, so with the all its security vulnerabilities, the best security advice is to remove it.

If however you discover that you do need Java (perhaps because one of your programs needs it) then you can disable Java in all web browsers via its icon in Control Panel.

  Joe G 00:01 10 Mar 2015

Thanks - I have removed it and will see what happens - so far no problems but still have a few programmes to try :-)

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