Problems with laptop sound

  alan007 01:49 24 Feb 2007

Hi, I have a new-ish laptop (philips x54) but very recently the sound when loading up(that windows theme) or when i play an mp3 or mpeg video the sound is scratchy/kinda jumps and skips! Sometimes it is fine when i am listening to a song on say myspace but when i minimize that page and go to load up another page the sound becomes distorting and skips.I'm really not sure what has happened.

I first noted when i downloaded dvd decrypter to see if i could rip one of my dvds to the hard drive. However when i tried to play it back i got the said problems with sound skips+jumps

Any advice would be much appreciated! Thanks

  Diodorus Siculus 03:40 24 Feb 2007

Sounds like a software problem - have a look at the CDs which came with the laptop and see if you have drivers for the audio component - a reinstall may help.

  wee eddie 07:12 24 Feb 2007

Checking your spec with click here

What you are experiencing sounds similar to a problem I had with some faulty RAM

  Diodorus Siculus 08:22 24 Feb 2007

Another thought: have you tried a system restore to before the instalation of DVD decrypter?

  alan007 12:01 24 Feb 2007

hi, i checked my spec with belarc but dnt sure how to read results-under installed microsoft hotfixes there are two items with an x and a re-install beside them.What do i do?

How would i do a system restore from before i installed dvd decrypter?

  Diodorus Siculus 15:47 24 Feb 2007

Right click my computer, choose properties, then under hardware, look at device manager. Are there any problems listed?

With Belarc, look at the hardware listed. What is said under audio? It should tell you the manufacturer. If it does, post the details here.

As for system restore, if you are on XP, it is to be found under program files, accessories, system tools. When you run it, you should get a list of dates which can be restored. Do you remember when you installed DVD decrypter? If so, choose a date before that day.

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