Problems with Laptop - can anyone assist??

  Poloman69™ 19:51 29 Oct 2005

Hey guys n gals it me again.

I wonder if i can rack your brains with a little issue.

My mate has a Fujitsu Siemens Amilio D7830 laptop, running XP, and for some reason he turned his laptop on this evening and nothing worked.

From experience, i know that if you don't get the startup beep and a black screen, its usually something to do with either the memory modules or battery.

1. Does anyone know if you can run a laptop through the mains if the battery is dead?

2. Any other reasons why the laptop won't start up (aside from processor, motherboard burnt out)

We tried plugging my monitor through it, and still the black screen.

Usually if it is graphics card related, my monitor will say that no signal has been recieved, but being a desktop user rather than a laptop user, this has got me scratching my head.

If you need any further info i'll be online for a while so can quickly answer any questions.

Cheers for your continued support !!!!

  Jackcoms 19:54 29 Oct 2005

1). Yes, but remove it first

2). No idea

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 19:54 29 Oct 2005

Does anyone know if you can run a laptop through the mains if the battery is dead?

Remove battery plug into mains does it work now?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 19:56 29 Oct 2005

Any other reasons why the laptop won't start up (aside from processor, motherboard burnt out)

Dead battery


memory fault

graphics card fault

  woodchip 19:57 29 Oct 2005

Yes that's what I would suggest Remove the Battery. I have a new Laptop and battery is in a plastic bag in the fridge at £156 a throw it only goes in if I am going on Holiday

PS if Fridge not freezer it slows down discharging

  Poloman69™ 20:06 29 Oct 2005

Just tried taking the battery out and going tyhrough the mains directly, and still nothing....

Graphics is ATI mobility Radeon 9000 64mb(separate)

PSU seems ok as the lights come on and the fans are running. Hard drive not starting up, no memory boot and screen not working.

But like i said, we tried with separate monitor so screen doesn't seem issue

Any other ideas????

1. If its memory related, is anyway to check (we don't have any spare modules lying around (they're PC2700 (333mhz) type but not sure on No. Pins)

2. If its graphics card related, but is anyway to be sure

3. Could removing the battery differ between laptops. Does anyone know of a link to see if the Amilo will run without the battery - or should it as standard????

  woodchip 20:10 29 Oct 2005

Only thing now you can test is take the plate of bottom then try reseating Memory.

PS is the Mains Adapter working OK You should be able to test this with a Tester

  Poloman69™ 20:14 29 Oct 2005

Already tried reseating memory - no luck.

Will try reseating in 2nd module housing

Mains adapter ok, as still supplying power to laptop, but no startup

  Poloman69™ 20:19 29 Oct 2005

No luck reseating memory in 2nd housing

  Poloman69™ 20:33 29 Oct 2005

The memory is 184 pin DDR 2700 333mhz

This is for a laptop, but can you use desktop memory in a laptop? Just that crucial are charging £98, when desktop equiv. is only £58

  Poloman69™ 21:41 29 Oct 2005

He decided to buy a new battery & new memory (needed the upgrade really. If thats not the problem - i will be shot !!!!

He's a techy and i'm the specky - he knows software while i know the hardware so he's trusting my judgement.

Will let you know what happens.

Cheers again

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