Problems with Laptop Booting up

  LeedsLass 08:24 17 Jan 2005

I have a laptop running windows 2000. Sometimes (not always) it will boot up to the password screen and after entering my password it willl just hang (black screen). Other times it will continue with "loading your personal settings" and then my desktop will appear and everything will be fine. But when it does this hanging thing it can be six or seven attempts before it loads up propoerly.

If, when it's hanging, I press ctrl, alt and del - it loads up my wallpaper and yahoo tries to connect automatically (as normal) but none of the icons appear and if I then try and shut down properly, it just hangs there instead and I have to just switch it off. If I don't press ctrl, alt & del, I have to just switch it off and start again. Sometimes it does a scandisk and others it doesn't. All seems a bit hit and miss really.

I have done a virus check and there is nothing on it. I have run Adaware, Spybot, defrag, AVG, disk cleanup and nothing has come up and Sygate Firewall is always running in the background.

Any ideas on how to sort this problem out or least any ideas as to what may be causing it. It's driving me mad!


  AndySD 08:35 17 Jan 2005

Assuming you have the full Windows 2000 cd and that you are using either Windows 2000 with no service Pack or Windows 2000 Service Pack 4 (SP4). Place the cd in the drive and close the box that opens.

Go Start then Run type in


and hit enter.

If you are using any of the other service Packs (SP1, SP2 or SP3) then update to Windows 2000 Service Pack 4 (SP4).

  keith-236785 08:36 17 Jan 2005

have you changed the startup sound, if so then the new file may be corrupt and can cause windows to hang. please note i have never used windows 2000 so i may be talking tosh.

on winxp, you could use

sfc /scannow to check for and replace corrupt of missing system files. you could try that and see if it is the same for win 2000

check your drivers are all up to date and update if needed.

sorry, best i can offer but at least it will bump it back up the forum

  LeedsLass 09:02 17 Jan 2005

Thanx I'll try your suggestions tonight.

I haven't changed the startup sound.

How do I know which Windows2000 Service Pack I am using.

Many thanx for your replies - I'm very grateful cos this is really annoying me now. I'll try anything.

  AndySD 09:14 17 Jan 2005
  LeedsLass 10:09 17 Jan 2005

Wow you guys are very good and very fast.

Many, many thanx.

I can't wait to get home and try out your suggestions.

  LeedsLass 21:38 17 Jan 2005

Ok, I've started updating my drivers but there's a few to do so I might be at it a while. :o)

I have got Windows2000 Service Pack 4 so I did "run" and typed in " SFC /SCANNOW". It did something for about 10 mins (the CD Drive didn't whir though as it normally does when a CD is in it) and then just stoppped - I assumed it had finished cos I just walked away and left it to it.
Should something happen? In run should I have typed d:/SFC /SCANNOW?

BTW, can anyone recommend a good FREE registry cleaner that's safe for someone to use who's, well, not exactly an expert with all things registry?

Cheers guys/gals - oyu are most helpful.

  AndySD 07:25 18 Jan 2005

Sounds fine.

I tend to use Regseeker click here but make sure you tick the Backup Before Deletion box.

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