problems with laptop

  hayl 12:46 29 Jun 2007

Hi, can someone please give me some help on a couple of problems I have with my laptop. When using it I have it placed on a tray which raises the back about 2". However it still gets hot where the fan is and after some time the fan starts up at quite high speed. It will stay on until I either log off or place the laptop upright so more air can cool it down. Do all laptops do this or have I got a problem.

  Jackcoms 13:27 29 Jun 2007

All laptops run hot when compared to PCs.

"Laptop" is probably a misnomer, because a soft squishy lap top is probably the worst place to use one!

Ideally they should be used on a solid surface to allow air to freely circulate underneath to aid cooling.

Have you checked that the fan vent is clear and free of dust/fluff?

  A-Nonymous 13:33 29 Jun 2007

I had the same problem with my laptop, the fan should speed up because it is trying to work harder.

  hayl 13:42 29 Jun 2007

As a follow up I now have to have the laptop balancing so There is more of a gap at the back. It is also now shutting down on it's own. I have noticed that the fan seems to come on as soon as I start doing something on it.
Could it be that I have too much on the hard drive and it needs to be taken off.
As I started writing this the fan came on and it is getting faster.

  A-Nonymous 13:45 29 Jun 2007

I dont think a fan problem would be anything to do with the hard disk. Do what Jackcoms said and check the fans for dust and dirt.

  hayl 13:50 29 Jun 2007

There is no dust or dirt on or around the fan. Everything is working at a very slow speed.

  A-Nonymous 13:51 29 Jun 2007

Oh, that may be a power problem then. Does it work any better on AC?

  Quiet Life 13:51 29 Jun 2007

Speed fan downloadable fron here click here
will letyou know how hot your CPU,System and harddrive are getting. It may not show up fanspeed depending on the motherboard.
Amount on harddrive should not make any difference unless it is full.

  hayl 15:28 29 Jun 2007

I have downloaded speed fan and made a note of the tempretures.
For about 10 min the temp started rising gradually and then it went up to over 90 and then shut down.
There were a few things running and the cpu usage went up to 100%.
I only have 6gb free out of a total of 60gb.
Is there anything else I can do to sort this out.

  Quiet Life 15:43 29 Jun 2007

If you are talking 90c then serious. Could be the inside has totally dusted up which would mean taking it apart. 10% free space on the hard drive is not a lot.
You would be well advised to back up all essential files if you have not already done so and free up a bit more space. CPU usage at a 100% is not unusual if programs are working. Right click on the task bar and bring up the Task Manager which will show what applications are using the CPU.

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