Problems with Internet Explorer v6.0 full updates

  Wellpastit 17:53 30 Mar 2004

I have spent hours on the web checking out sites for purchasing later items for my computer.
I know that Dabs stocks some items I require, but I cannot access their site.
Every other site is accessable (been to a hundred in the last 3-4 days), but every time I try Dabs the words jitter and can also be heard.
I have to press the back button quickly.
I haven't altered the default settings for cookies etc.
But I do use ethernet to access the web.
No firewall is installed, it is not allowed by Caladan, my ethernet ISP.

  Diodorus Siculus 22:18 30 Mar 2004

Try clearing the cookies, temp files and so on.

  Wellpastit 15:05 31 Mar 2004

I have a short cut to Cookies and delete them most nights. Temp files are only 6mb at present.
Disk Cleanup used once a week.
Unused space on Primary Partition is 28gb
I tried with my old landline modem and got the same result.
This has been happening for the best part of a year, including through new instalations using Drive Image 2002, but for normal purchases it didn't bother me. But a USA firm shows Dabs as only importer.

  Wellpastit 15:52 31 Mar 2004

Since reading Diodorus Siculus, I have deleted every temp file using Search .tmp
Run Disk Cleanup, accessed the Internet Options and deleted History, Cookies and Files.
And made sure that I.E.6 deletes temps when browser closed.
Checked M.S. for any updates for XP Home
Tried Dabs without luck, (the address in the Status bar flickers)
It seems strange that Dabs shopping places restriction on accessing their site.
I have been to every computer shop that many search engines can find without a problem, except Dabs.

  GaT7 16:36 31 Mar 2004

I was going to suggest you call or send them an e-mail enquiring if there's a problem with accessing their site with your setup.

But I couldn't find any contact numbers. You have to use a form on their website to get in touch via their messaging service (which you cannot do).

If going by some of this lot even calling them or posting an online message isn't going to help much unless you're prepared to wait -click here. [Remember there are good reviews mentioned as well & it's nice to have some perspective ; ) ]

Will keep posting as and when I find something. Good Luck, G

  Wellpastit 17:08 31 Mar 2004

Thanks, clicked here and went to
without problems. Its a good site I wasn't aware of.

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