Problems installing XP HOME SP1

  Mutant_Llama 15:39 15 Aug 2003

Mesh XP1900

I am having some ridiculous problems installing SP1 gor XP, and have been trying for weeks now.

Story goes (sorry, but please read, I need some SERIOUS help on this)

I installed an update about 4 weeks ago but ever since then had problems with the computer constantly restarting just after the WinXP screen.

Could not find any reason why so resetup Windows taking it back to the original setup, all ok again.

Found this to be a known issue on the MS website (310396) and it recommended:

Starting with recovery console
Choosing R to repair windows
Enter admin password
follow instructions to expand KERNEL32.DL_ to C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM32

I tried to enter my ADMINISTRATOR password but it said it was incorrect? I rebooted and logged in as ADMINISTRATOR but got 'UNABLE TO LOG YOU ON BECAUSE OF AN APPLICATION RESTRICTION'. I rebooted in safe mode to find that the ADMINISTRATOR login had no password set? Set this up and tried again but still getting the UNABLE TO LOG ON...' message.

I followed some WinXP advise (editing the registery etc) but still no good.

I have restored my system to the original setting from the recovery CD but still cannot install SP1 as it will not accept my ADMINSTRATOR password?

I am now stuck for things to try...I cannot update Windows because of the restarting error and I do not want to leave updates completely because of the obvious implications (like the MSBLAST virus I have just had and removed).


And one more thing...
To get SP1 off a CD from Micosoft you have to pay $10 (about £6), I would not mind paying for the price of a CD but why should I pay to get an update to repair Microsofts leaky software?!

  Mutant_Llama 15:42 15 Aug 2003

I also tried copying KERNEL32.DL_ to C:\ and then rebooting in SAFE MODE with COMMAND PROMPT.

I renamed KERNEL32.DLL to KERNEL32.OLD (as per MS advice) and expanded the KERNEL32.DL_ to C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM32 but this still failed, and infact made the restarting worse (would not even get to the WinXP screen).


  hugh-265156 16:02 15 Aug 2003

in control panel/user accounts you can turn off your password or create a password reset disc.only problem is you will be prompted to enter your current password first :-?

the restarts could be caused by incompatable software or drivers and usually tapping F8 at start and selecting last known good configuration sorts it.then you need to find the software cusing the problenm.look in administrative tools/event viewer.

servive pk1 is on a lot of mag coverdiscs for free.

Have you done a virus check, the restarting is symptomatic of the Blaster worm, but I did not think that that worm had been around that long?

Failing that as it looks like a newish system I would get Mesh to sort the mess out.

Sorry I could be not be more helpful


  Mutant_Llama 08:31 17 Aug 2003

I did install AV software as it sounded like a virus to me too, but it all checked out ok....

I reinstalled a fresh copy of WindowsXP and rebooted and all is fine now. Installed the MSBLASTER XP fix and all rebooted ok.

Went to automatic updates and installed SP1 and getting repeated restarts.....

There fix does not seem to remove the problem either?

I think this rules out drivers as when I reinstall WinXP the system is fine, its only when SP1 is installed the problem happens...

  AndySD 09:31 17 Aug 2003

You are bieng reinfected whilst on the net getting sp1.

Place the removal tool click here on your desktop and the Microsoft patch click here

Now download a firewall click here or click here but dont install it yet.

Reboot the pc into Safe Mode and run the Removal tool.

Redoot the pc into Windows and use the Patch

Reboot the pc and install the firewall.

Reboot the pc and go to the windows update site.

  AndySD 09:46 17 Aug 2003

To stop it rebooting.

1. Go Start then Run type in


2. Scroll down to Remote Procedure Call (RPC) and open it's Properties.

3. Choose Recovery and in the 3 dropdown boxes change it to

Restart Service

You will need to reset these settings after fixing the pc.

  AndySD 10:06 17 Aug 2003

Ooops the Removal tool click here

  Mutant_Llama 10:17 17 Aug 2003

Cheers guys, but I had this problem long before MSBLAST was doing the rounds.....

I have a firewall and AV and this was able to detaect and remove the virus long before it got there...the firewall (zonealarm) kept blocking PORT135 (and numerous others) long before it got there....

To test this I installed STINGER (v.1000), removed my network cable and ran the application, nothing detected.

I have since resolved this (hopefully) by reinstalling a fresh copy WinXP and updating...SP1 went in ok and so did the rest of the updates.

ANYONE getting this repeat booting error that is not resolved by Windows fix (310396) choose the option to install XP using the existing file system.

Another query though, after running this optiofrom the WinXP CD I now have the following users


The contents of ADMINISTRATOR and MY LOGIN are empty, but will not allow me to delete the folders. It would appear that the .HOME are the current working users as they are being updated
when I install new hardware.

I have also noticed that while everything I installed is still in C:\ drive they are not in the START PROGRAMS list, and when I try to run them it is as though they are completely outdated. I reinstall and all seems ok? This I presume is one of the results of the reinstall?

I think I would rather have a reformat and reinstall to get rid of these straggling files on the C drive, any suggestions?

  AndySD 10:27 17 Aug 2003

Yes when I reinstalled I made sure the disc was clean first.

Boot with the XP cd and choose the Recovery Console..... at the command prompt type

format C:

(where C is the drive you have windows on) Hit Enter.

Reboot and load Windows.... Simple.

It was so nice to see the pc up to speed again.

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