problems installing xp home

  tranceman 11:01 16 Jan 2004

i bought a xp cd for my sister for christmas and i've tried to install it, but every time it reboots after copying files to the hd it goes through the same part of the setup, and then asks me to choose a partition to install it on again and it keeps doing that over and over .
i would gladly smash it if was mine .
the hd in question is completly formatted and has nothing on it at all now because i've tried everything i can think of.

  ©®@$? 11:16 16 Jan 2004

if it is an amd system, then i would recommend going into the bios and loading the defualt settings, then try and install xp..

xp can be rather picky

  ventanas 11:18 16 Jan 2004

At what point precisely does it break down. It could be ok click here for the full spec on installing.

  tranceman 11:29 16 Jan 2004

thank's ventanas i'm going to try the floppy and see if that works i'll let you know if it work's . i've tried through the bios but it still keeps doing it. it is an intel mmx

  ventanas 11:46 16 Jan 2004

Does it actually ask you to choose a partition or create one? If create,I would be inclined to do so and accept the default size and file system, should be ntfs.

  tranceman 11:51 16 Jan 2004

yes every time it reboots it is like scratched record stuck in a loop always installing. i hav'nt even seen the xp welcome screen yet or put in the key it just does'nt get that far .

  3aspect 12:11 16 Jan 2004

Try setting your cd-rom as the third boot device,I did an xp install and found that if the cd was the first boot device I kept going round in circles, just as you are.

  tranceman 12:14 16 Jan 2004

i'll give it a bash no harm in trying thanx

  temp003 12:18 16 Jan 2004

After copying files to the hard disk, the computer need to restart from the hard disk (not from the CD).

So if BIOS asks you to press any key to restart, don't press any key, just let it be. It will then boot from the hard disk.

If your computer does not have such as message, then remove CD temporarily during restart, and when back to XP graphical interface setup, put CD in again.

  temp003 12:19 16 Jan 2004

Sorry, the second paragraph should read "So if ... any key to boot from CD, don't press any key ..."

  ollie < one> 12:23 16 Jan 2004

hi trance man
i had a very similar prob as yourself found it to be the actual boot up disks
i down-loaded from the microsoft site itself twice
i had this prob with the boot up disks finally got boot up disks from boot and they worked just fine. make sure you get the right ones
ie home or profressional

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