problems installing xp

  Optimo 09:48 19 Jul 2003

i have just bought an OEM version of windows xp, the disk has "for use with a new pc" writen on it. The problem i have is that im having trouble installing, i've tried formatting my HD which had 98se on but when i try to install xp ie E:/SETUP the computer tells me that this program cannot run from dos. I have also tried setting my cdrom as the 1st and only boot up device, but then im told that its not a valid system disk.
Can anyone help me because its driving me mad.

appologies if i cannot reply to anyone as im about to go to work and wont be home until 6pm tonight. Thanks in advance.

  steven_frost 09:55 19 Jul 2003

you can try download the boot disk from microsoft and boot from these just make sure you down load the right one

  mrdsgs 09:56 19 Jul 2003

make sure you don't have a dos boot disc in the floppy drive and that e: is your cd drive and double check that you have made cd 1sat boot device, possibly also disabling boot up floppy seek.

you then should not need to type any "setup". just reboot with the xp cd in and installation should start automatically.

NB: normally cd drive would be d:


  Djohn 11:22 19 Jul 2003

Forget using a floppy. Go into BIOS by re-booting and tapping the DEL key. Set your CD drive as first bootable device, exit BIOS saving the settings.

Place your CD in the drive and re-boot. XP will install the required files for installation, just follow the insructions on screen. At the first stage of installing, you will be asked to "Press any Key to continue" do so! but you will then be asked the same question twice again as your PC re-boots. [Ignore these, or you will find yourself in a loop] After approx. 10 seconds XP will continue to setup from the hard drive. Good luck. j.

  hugh-265156 11:28 19 Jul 2003
  -pops- 11:45 19 Jul 2003

The magic words are "for use with a new pc".

If you are trying to install it on an old hard drive with remnants of previous MSDOS based systems on it then it may not see this as a "new pc" and, rightly, refuse to load.

  User-312386 11:47 19 Jul 2003

do as Djohn has said, when the drive has been formatted, go back inot BIOS and resest The HARD DRIVE as 1st boot then XP will install


  hugh-265156 11:48 19 Jul 2003

could this be,by any chance a restore cd?

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