Frogger 15:06 22 Jun 2004

I have a MESH Computer with a Pentium II processor running at 450 MHz; 639 MB RAM, a Matrox Millenium G200 AGP graphics card,a ASUS P2B Motherboard, two hard discs - one at 12GB the other at 80GB. I have reformatted both Hard Disc Drives and am trying to load Windows XP Home.

I have tweaked the BIOS to enable the CR-RW drive as a Boot Device. The Boot Sequence is currently set as A, CDROM, C ...although I have tried various options and combinations.

When I try and boot the machine with the CD ROM, I get the following message:

Invalid System Disk. Replace the Disk and then press any key

I can still boot the machine using the original Windows 98 floppy, but not with the Windows XP Hone CD ROM.

What am I doing wrong? Any help gratefully received.

  PSF 16:12 22 Jun 2004

click here and make the boot disc to install from a floppy, it could be your CD/RW is not recognised by XP

  mgmcc 16:17 22 Jun 2004

Make sure the CD drive you are booting from is set as the "first" boot device. If you still get an invalid system disk message, try opening and closing the CD tray and then press any key as suggested.

As you currently have the floppy set as the first boot device, you haven't inadvertently left a non-bootable floppy disk in the drive?

  Frogger 07:43 23 Jun 2004

I made the Boot Disc (6 floppies required)as suggested by PSF (Thanks).

I loaded these onto the machine. All went well. I was invited to run the XP Home CD ROM. It started it checks and then I got the following message:

The following value in the .SIF file used by Setup is corrupted or missing. Value 0 on the line in section [SourceDisksFiles] with key "" Setup cannot continue. To quit Setup, press F3.

Any more suggestions. Is it likely the file got currupted in the download from the Microsoft Website???

  PSF 08:42 23 Jun 2004

click here;en-us;174264

click here+

Have a read through those to see if that helps.
If you have two cd/dvd drives have you tried booting from the other one after changing the bios to boot from cd first.

  Frogger 11:27 23 Jun 2004

Thanks PDF.

First Link does not work

2nd Link did not supply much useful information.

Went back to Microsoft site.Found a different download for XP Home which includes service pack. Tried this instead and most of windows XP appears to be loading as I write this message.
However during Setup a number of files could not be copied including:
clspack.exe, javacypt.dll, javaperm.dll, javaprxy.dll, javart.dll, javasec.hlp, jdbgmgr.exe, msawt.dll, msjava.dll, msjabc10.dll, nt5java.inf, vmhdper.dll, wjview.exe, dx3j.dll, jit.dll

I do not know if they are vital files for the correct functioning of Windows XP. Guess I'll find out in a minute. Is there another way of getting these files onto my Hard Disc?

  PSF 19:23 23 Jun 2004

Have you got the system running?
Run Windows updates to see what updates are missing first, if you still have problems run System File Checker,

Start>> Run>> in the box type sfc /scannow press enter. You will need your XP cd in, it will replace any missing files.

  Frogger 11:03 24 Jun 2004

Thank you PSF. System now seems to be stable. The computer was shutting itself down everytime I was on Internet Explorer until the missing files were replaced.

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