Problems installing windows 98

  [DELETED] 13:57 12 Feb 2006

I've been trying to install windows 98 on a friends PC and hit a snag he has two installation CD's but only one product key. Unfortunately we've load the wrong disk so the key won't work. We now can't start again and load the right CD, which we have the code for any way we can start over from scratch

  Graham ® 14:03 12 Feb 2006

Did you boot from a floppy to start the installation?

  Graham ® 14:05 12 Feb 2006

click here to the desktop, then send to a blank floppy (do not download to the floppy).

  [DELETED] 14:21 12 Feb 2006

yes tried booting from a floppy and direct from the 2nd CD, but it keeps coming back with the message 'ATIDI failure' (or something like that). it will start to do a fresh install from the CD we don't have a code for. I'm beginning to think it's a problem with the 2nd CD (which we do have the code for)

  Graham ® 14:26 12 Feb 2006

Was there a problem with the PC before you started? Did you format the hard drive?

  [DELETED] 14:41 12 Feb 2006

formatted before we started it's old PC so he just want a fresh install to set it up as a stand alone unit

  Graham ® 15:01 12 Feb 2006

If I remember, 98 asks for the code towards the end. This would seem to support your view that the second CD is duff.

Though I also think the code is not restricted to one CD.

  [DELETED] 16:28 12 Feb 2006

managed to get the nessasary code online so completed the installation now to get the sound card working properly and the dispay to do the same

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