Problems installing a Sony DW-U14A DVD RW

  Scarlet 07:47 06 Oct 2003

Still having problems installing above. Tried all solutions posted previously. I've connected the drive to the secondary IDE as master, with nothing else connected. The drive is recognised in BIOS and by Windows XP. When I open in explorer no files are displayed.

  AndySD 08:00 06 Oct 2003

Is this dvd files or just a normal cd? Do you have dvd decoding software installed on the PC?

  Scarlet 08:31 06 Oct 2003

I've tried opening both a data cd and a DVD film in explorer, no files displayed. Power DVD message says no disk in drive. Since last post I've tried connecting with 40 - IDE cable, and 80 - ATA cable with same results. I'm beginning to think I must have a faulty drive.

  AndySD 08:38 06 Oct 2003

So was I.

  AndySD 08:41 06 Oct 2003

Just a thought have you tried updating your motherboard drivers

  newswatcher 12:57 05 Jul 2004

I have just read 'Scarlet's' posting (6.10.03) and her problem seems very similar to mine:- I needed to replace my AopenCD RW drive after it crushed a disk (my fault for inserting badly) so opted to upgrade to an (OEM) DVD/CD reader rewriter but while it is "found" on my oepning screen under Win98SE, I can't make it accept any files. Also, any disk - CD or DVD I slip into the drive is reported as "disk full"

I have no DVD decoding software installed, as mentioned by AndySD (6.10.03) since the drive came alone and wonder if I need to download drivers, decoding stuff etc?

Grateful for any help,

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