Problems with installing software MS LifeCam 2.04

  Stressed Mum 14:38 30 Sep 2008

I have just bought this webcam for the kids! What a pest - the software/setup takes hours. I have been running it for about 3 hours now. Aborted and uninstalled and tried to reinstall - same problem. Uninstalled again and downloaded setup off MS websire - still the same problem. Running XP SP3 (I think it's 3 anyway - not sure how to check) Box 'says' compatible with Vista and XP. Notice from Google that this a very common problem - but just can't find an answer - please can someone help me? Many thanks. SM :)

  Stressed Mum 21:53 01 Oct 2008

Given up on this - advise? don't buy it! Going back to shop tomorrow. Spend 2 whole days trying to find drivers for the camera without any success or at least without paying out another £30 for device tool software.

  Technotiger 22:00 01 Oct 2008

Get yourself a Logitech, there are several to choose from.

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I use the 9000Pro, my son uses the 4000Pro, a doddle to set up and excellent webcams.

  Stressed Mum 14:29 02 Oct 2008

!! I have used Logitech for years - sphere the best one - just now taken back the LifeCam. Given the kids my 3 year old sphere and bought myself a new one! Just wasn't really wanting to have to do that - but you get what you pay for. (PCWorld huge discounts if resverve on line to collect)

Technotiger you wouldn't have time to look at my other thread would you?? You've always been so helpful before.. No worries if not. Thanks. SM :)

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  Technotiger 18:10 02 Oct 2008


it is just possible that both your drive lasers (especially if there are or have been, ciggy smokers in the area) need cleaning - a DVD/CD cleaning disc does not cost much and can be a life-save!

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