Problems installing RAM

  ShorN 22:11 18 Nov 2004

I have just purchased some new ram, 2 x 512MB, (my system currently has 2 x256MB)
I mad esure the ram matched my spec, (PC2100 DDR 2.5V NON-EEC 184PIN (my pc has 2 banks of 1 and can support up to 2048mb.) Ive just tried putting teh new ram in, its fits fine, however when i reboot, nothing happens, i get power to teh PC but nothing boots?
Any ideas?

(on a sidenote, i noticed that on crucial they said teh eec reg'd ram will have an amount of black chips that can be equally divided by 3 or 5, these new ram sticks have 16 big chips and two really small ones?)( 18 in total but not sure if ths small ones are counted?)

Any help appreciated!

  moh23 22:22 18 Nov 2004

what os are you using

  ShorN 22:25 18 Nov 2004

Im using windows XP

  ShorN 22:39 18 Nov 2004

Any ideas?

  gudgulf 22:56 18 Nov 2004

Replace your new RAM with your old and make sure it boots should do if if worked fine before.

Providing you have no problems then remove the RAM again and fit just one of your new sticks.See if that boots...then remove and do the same with the second new stick.

Post back with the results.

  ShorN 23:03 18 Nov 2004

gonna start trying now......

  ShorN 23:26 18 Nov 2004

My old ram is OK, thats how im getting back here now! :)
I tried the new sticks again, i tried teh first one on its own and in each slot, nothing. I tried the second stick on its own and in each slot. Nothing. I tried them both together in alternate slots, and agin nothing!.
Any suggestions? i thought ram was an easy upgrade!

Thanks for help so far

  Grouse ® 23:36 18 Nov 2004

You need to give more info! make of PC and model of motherboard, at a quick guess you may have to upgrade your BIOS................

  gudgulf 23:37 18 Nov 2004

Then either the new RAM is faulty (but to get two duff sticks seems unlikely)or it is incompatible with your pc.What manufacturer made the ram?

Is it possible to try the RAM in a different computer? That would be an easy way of checkng if the memory itself was faulty.

  ShorN 23:38 18 Nov 2004

this is what ram i got

click here

theres no manafacturer on it, although it says xtreme technologies on the chips.

I thought it would be pretty unlikely that both were duff, but the ram spec is exactly what it recommends on crucial.

  alnwrd 23:40 18 Nov 2004

Refer to your motherboard documentation, and make sure that you are installing the ram correctly in the slots, that the mobo supports that type of ram ie single channel or dual channel etc. If you fit according to the manaul's specification, there should be no problem.

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